10 Months

Hannah, happy 10 months.

Aprilcal 6

It has been a crazy month, perhaps obvious since this is the first time I have posted on the blog in almost 3 weeks, which is the longest stretch I have ever gone without posting something new since I started this blog 3 1/2 years ago.  Yes, it’s been crazy around here.

Hsick 1

You’ve been sick.  Sick, then started to get better, then got sick again, then got worse and worse.

Hsick 2

You were sick for so long that I kind of forgot what you looked like without those sad sick eyes.  Half closed, red rimmed, glassy and breaking our hearts.  The first day when it was apparent that you were feeling well again I just stared at your face all day, trying to figure out why it looked so different.  Had you lost weight and your face thinned out?  Was it the prominence of your (now) 4 teeth?  But it was that your eyes just seemed so round and bright compared to how they had been looking for so long.

H 2

You got your very own nebulizer this month, and twice daily treatments for about a week.

Neb 1

It’s a cute nebulizer, as far as those things go, a little pink panda, but you’re not a fan.  I’ve tried a variety of things to distract you while you breathe in the steam, but you spend most of the time trying to squirm away.  Occasionally you try to huff on the little medicine holder, but not for long.

Neb 3Neb 2

We’ve had some visitors this month.  Grandma was in town for a little over a week and Chelsea was in town Easter weekend.

Mom 1

Chelsea was here for the worst of it.  She kept saying, “Oh, she looks so sad!”  You did.

A double ear infection, a tooth coming in, a fever, thick congestion, a horrible congested cough that made your body shutter as you were trying to clear your lungs.

We spent a lot of time snuggling these past few weeks.  On the worst days you wouldn’t sleep lying down and only wanted me.  You could only fall asleep on my shoulder, while I was standing and swaying us back and forth.  You woke if I put you in the crib, or if I turned you to lay sideways across my arms.  So I stood and held you, or we took you for a drive in the car to get you to sleep.  Until 12:30 am on Easter evening.  And again from 3-4 am.  And then I was up at 5 holding you to sleep again.

Chelh 1

You didn’t really “participate” for Easter this year.  You had a basket and a pretty dress, but instead you and Dad stayed home and he held you in the rocker for almost 2 hours so that you could get some rest.

By Monday you seemed to have pulled out of it a bit.  You slept a little longer at night and napped well during the day.  Then you seemed to start making up for lost time.

Stand 1

Since then, you want to be standing while holding onto something.  At the beginning of the week you were about 40% standing and 60% leaning, but a week later it is about 80% standing and 20% holding onto something.  Also your little bald spot on the back of your head is almost gone. 🙂

Jh 1

You and Jayce are starting to “play” together more and more.  This often happens while we’re in the car and you are starting to get fussy.  He’ll make some silly noise or face at you, then you laugh, then he laughs, then you imitate him and you both laugh.  I LOVE this.  It’s amazing.  I always have the immediate urge to call your dad and say, “They like each other!  We made them, and they like each other, and they’re playing and laughing without any intervening on my part!”  It’s totally amazing, every time.

H 1

You are pushing up on your knees now, and starting to pull up on the furniture.  If we’re on the hard wood floor or the kitchen, you will get on your belly and push yourself backwards around the room.  I imagine that the next time that I write this monthly update you will be crawling.  That is, so long as we can keep these balance-impeding ear infections at bay.  Here’s hoping for a mostly well April and May, for all of us.

Happy 10 months baby!

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