Sewing for Baby and Third Child Mom-Guilt

Well, I have finally sewed up a few things for our little guy, and not a moment too soon because I hit 36 weeks tomorrow!  🙂  Actually I made all five of these things in the past three weeks, but still, that seems pretty late in the game.  Okay, it is late in the game, but I’m so glad that I finally powered through because I just love each of them and can’t wait to have them wrapped around our littlest buddy!! IMG 1116Here he is yesterday, all 6 lbs 1 oz of him at 35 weeks and 4 days.  Wowzers.

I had big plans to sew up a storm for him and his nursery.  I sewed and DIY-ed Hannah’s nursery like crazy (below) and I thought I would do something similar with his.  I had a nursery to-do list as long as my arm weeks before we even knew his gender.

Nursery 27600x400 But it didn’t happen.  There are lots of reasons why, but the umbrella reason is that it just wasn’t realistic given the circumstances.  

I went shopping with Patsy for baby things around the end of my 2nd trimester and ended up finding a few really cute crib sheet sets.  Then there was a set of bumper pads and a quilt on clearance at PB Kids for even cheaper than I could have gotten them at Walmart, but with the softest organic cotton and so sweet!  I found a crib skirt and changing pad cover in colors that I liked and that was that.  I came home and “confessed” to Chris that I had just bought most of the things that I was planning to make for baby, and it left me feeling a strange mix of defeat and relief.  

Is this the strange curse of a DIY-er?  You feel like the items that have been purchased have not received the same amount of carefully curated love and care as the items where you matched up the perfect fabric and pattern and then spent a few hours (or more) assembling it?  

The thought was lingering but I quickly pushed it away.  The truth is that I have always expected to end up on bed rest as this pregnancy has been undoubtedly harder on me than the others.  I’m sure that it is some combination of my age/older body, all of the stress and transition in my family’s life in the past eight months, caring for two kids while pregnant, and maybe some other things that I’m less aware of.  Whatever the case, one of my main goals has been to take care of the baby by taking better care of myself.  I remember feeling so astounded when I was on bed rest with Hanah that the best thing that I could do for her, was just to not do anything either than sit on the couch, eat well, and let her grow.  NOT feeling the pressure to make all of those things or try to make all of those things IS a gift to the baby.

IMG 1026 1Instead I decided that I would make just a few things, and all with a relatively small time/energy commitment.  The mom instinct to nest is huge, after all.  Once we found out the move-in date to our new house I decided to make good use of the little sewing station that I had set up at Andy and Patsy’s house, and  crank out these few items for baby.  I started off with Rachel’s free newborn gown pattern, used some extra soft french terry fabric, and appliquéd a happy little bear face.

It’s perfect.  I might end up decorating the nursery with it after all! 🙂

Grandpa Cardigan by Erin Always 7Next up was this french terry grandpa cardigan, which you can get all of the details about, and purchase the fabric, here.

Grandpa Cardigan by Erin Always 18I added sherpa around the collar since it is a slightly bigger size and he’ll be wearing it through the cold winter months.  What December baby doesn’t need a cozy cardigan to get them through every outing possible?

Cuddly Bear Hat 2I topped it off with this equally soft and cozy bear hat.  I originally planned to pair the hat with the newborn gown, but was excited to see how it matched both things.  (I guess that is how it goes when everything is gray or has gray trim!)  I used this free pattern and tutorial for a lamb bonnet, adjusted the shape of the ears to be a bear instead of a lamb, and it turned out perfectly.Cuddly Bear Hat 3I had originally planned to make baby a swarm of little leggings, but decided to hold off until he arrives.  Even though baby sewing (or any sewing) seems out of the question with a little one, I know from experience that leggings take a very small amount of time, and I’ll probably be able to squeeze in sewing up a pair here and there.  I also remember how Jayce was always really long for his baby clothes: that he could be wearing a 3-6 months for his belly size, but I’d put him in a 6-12 because he needed the leg length.  So it seems reasonable to put some of the nicer, softer, and more expensive knits that I got for baby to use once I know more precisely what fit he needs.  Obviously it’s not lost on me that this will change quickly, but I didn’t want to waste my efforts (or energy) these last few weeks so that is what I decided on. 🙂

Mini Hudson Pants 5Mini Hudson Pantsbed 1

That said, I made the big kids these Mini-Hudson Pants back in January, so it seemed appropriate that I make some for baby.  They weren’t difficult but did require several more steps than just making basic baby leggings, so they seemed like the sort of task to do before baby instead of just after baby. 🙂

Baby Leggings to Hudson Pants Tutorial 1 2I wrote a tutorial for converting a free baby leggings pattern into Baby Hudson Pants here if you’re interested in making some for a baby in your life. 🙂

Baby Leggings to Hudson Pants Tutorial 7While I was at it I whipped up a tiny little pair of leather moccasins (pattern here).  These were not hard and it was a fast thing to put together.  BUT I did hold my breath the whole time, sewed very slowly, and they are not perfect.  I bought this pattern and the leather while we were on vacation at the beginning of July, cut them out in September, and didn’t sew them until October, soooo yeah.  Serious project procrastination.  I think I was just nervous about sewing through the leather and messing it up, even though I have made baby shoes and sewed with leather before.  I don’t know what my deal was.  But now they are done, I’m very proud of them, and it’s possible that the baby will never wear them because they are so tiny that they might have to be reassigned to someone’s dog.

There is another bigger pair in the works, but who knows when I will finish them?  Hopefully it will be sooner than four months from now like the first pair. 🙂

Baby Leggings to Hudson Pants Tutorial 6And that is that!!  My go-to sewing items are usually little dresses or tunics and I’m glad to have been forced out of my comfort zone into sewing some sweet little things for a baby boy.  I’m so happy with this little collection. 🙂

Of course, it probably doesn’t need to be said, but I do still have other things that I might make him in the next few weeks if the opportunity presents itself.  Looking forward to sharing pics of more, and mostly of sharing pics of him once I can get my hands on his sweet little self.  I can’t wait.