1st Christmas

We celebrated Jayce’s 1st Christmas this year and it was great! We were able to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with the Keith side of the family, which we were happy about since Chris hadn’t been with them for both in 6 years! We had a tradition of spending Christmas Eve with my side of the family b/c we have a huge extended family party on Christmas Eve, and it is also my Mom’s birthday. We would leave around 8.30 or 9 pm, basically as long as I could stall, and then drive to Chris’ family’s house. We’d get in around 3 am, but this allowed us to make Chris’ extended family party at lunchtime. The drive made both of us miserable and exhausted, but we were happy to put forth the effort so that we could each hold on to our own family traditions. But after we got back from Scotland we resolved to never do this again (that whole miserable and exhausted thing), and to spend Christmas with a different family each year instead.

This was our year with the Keith’s and we had a great time! We were able to see all of the family, and it was great to at least touch base with everyone. Jayce got to spend a good amount of time with his grandparents, even though I know they would have liked more, and was spoiled by staying up late(ish), being rocked and snuggled to sleep, and a new variety of things to entertain him, including 2 golden retrievers.

Additionally, since Jayce was born in Louisville Kentucky, we are training him early to be a U of L fan and a basketball player. Okay, we’re not really training him, but all of Jayce’s family members have played or are playing basketball, and so he got several really cute basketball things. This includes a basketball hoop for the bathtub, which might end up in our bathroom instead of his at first. (It looks fun! Who doesn’t want to shoot hoops while they shower?) He had a great time and is still having a hard time figuring out which of his new toys to play with, and is instead trying to get them all in his mouth at once.

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