2 Year Old Dragon Chatter

Last week Jayce got up from his nap and wanted to wear this dragon costume. While he was eating his animal crackers, he was balancing them on the edge and they eventually started jumping into the water. At first I tried to stop him from doing it, but my warning tones just amused him, and he eventually started completely cracking up over his deviousness. Which made for some funny pictures.


I’ve been meaning to “officially” note some of the cute things that Jayce has been saying lately, so sprinkled in among some dragon pictures seems like a pretty good option.


Regarding the baby, we haven’t really talked with Jayce about it a lot yet. He knows that there is a baby in mom’s belly, but I’m trying not to supply him with information because I’m really interested to see with what he comes up with on his own.

That said, when I was in the first trimester and I was trying to co-erce Jayce into going to sleep, I would tell him that EVERYONE was taking a nap right then: Mom, Dad, a few of his friends, he would supply names of people who might be taking a nap then, and I would sometimes say that the baby was going to take a nap too. He always stopped me to say, “No Mom, baby not going na-night, baby wake up.”

Since then, he will periodically interject something about the baby, typically that she has something that is “little tiny.”

“The baby has a little tiny pillow.”

“Baby eating a little tiny sandwich.”

“Baby play with little tiny toy.”


Even though we haven’t really talked with Jayce about the baby, we did get him a book about being a big brother, and Chris has read it with him a few times before bed. I read it with him for the first time the other night. Earlier that day Jayce had said something about babies drinking milk, and it surprised me a little. When we were reading the book, it made a comment about that, and I had a little “ooooh, that’s where he got it” moment, and turned to the next page without finishing reading the current page. Jayce promptly turned back to the previous page, and said “No Mom, baby stays cozy and warm,” which was the exact next line in the book. Oops. So there are no skipping pages or lines in the books in our house now.


We picked up a Dora book the other day that Jayce had gotten from his cousin, and since I don’t let him watch Dora (because I can’t tolerate her voice and he doesn’t know what he’s missing), he didn’t know who she was. He pointed to her picture and said, “What’s this Mom?” I said, “Oh, that’s Dora.” And he replied, “No, Mom. Not door. Book.”


Jayce likes to play basketball in our bedroom. He closes the door, turns on the radio that’s on my alarm clock and run around the room shooting the ball, getting his rebounds, and generally just running. He likes a specific type of music for an activity like this, seemingly to get him all pumped up or to give him the option to stop and dance in the middle, because he always wants dance-type music and rap. If a commercial or a slower song comes on, he’ll tell me that he doesn’t like that song and request that I find a new song. The other day I flipped through the stations, landed on one, and asked him if he liked that song. He looked up and replied, “Perfect.” And went back to shooting.


We introduced him to saying “excuse me” to stop him from barging on conversations a few months ago. It’s sweet and he’s doing really well with it, but now I need to teach him that after he says excuse me, that he needs to wait for us to prompt him to go on, not to just keep saying “Excuse me Mom, excuse me” over and over.


Yesterday while we were all at the table eating, Jayce asked for a sip of my orange juice and I knew what he was up to. (He thinks it’s really hilarious to ask for a sip of my drink, then drink the whole thing, and giggle as I pretend to be surprised and exasperated.) Not surprisingly, he drank the whole thing, and when I was being “upset,” Chris grabbed my cup to get me more. Jayce looked at me and said, “Don’t worry Mom, Dad get you more.” Don’t worry Mom?! I wasn’t expecting consolation from my 2 year old.


When I get in the morning or when I get him up from his nap, I’ll often tell him how I missed him, among other things. Today when I was carrying him downstairs he put his head on my shoulder and said,

“I miss you Mom.”

“What? You go with me?”

“I miss you Mom.”

“You missed me?” (He’s never said this before.)

“Yes. I love you Mom.”

This was my favorite one yet. And it’s not even Valentines Day. 🙂


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