Newborn Hospital Perspective

Newborn Michael 2(Michael, day one)
I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like the days following the birth of your baby.  Those first few days are just so surreal as you have spent nine months thinking about, worrying about, planning for, eating for, and carrying this little bundle, and now you get to actually see and touch and hold them.Newborn Michael 3I love to be able to get a few pictures of the new baby that are, strange as it may seem, just from my perspective. Newborn Michael 4What was previously only in my imagination is now in my arms and it’s wonderful.  Newborn Michael 7It’s also a little strange because that brand new baby that has just emerged from my body looks different on the day after he was born, and different again on the day that we are discharged.  The swelling goes down, the skin color changes, some scratches and creases fade (or appear).  Newborn Michael 5Newborn Michael 6So I want pictures of those little details.  I want to remember his mouth, and ears, and eyelashes, and toes at day two.  And I like seeing little bits of the room around him so that I will remember other things about those first hospital day.  Newborn Michael 9Newborn Michael 12(Michael, day two)
The oddity in these sorts of pictures is that I am trying to take pictures of something that is on my lap, about 14 inches below where I am holding my camera, which is tricky.  So I end up holding my camera up over my head, pointing down, guessing on a focus point, snapping away, and hopping for the best.  It’s not a great method.  It’s risky because everything might be blurry and many shots are, but that is okay.Newborn Michael 10Newborn Michael 14But they are also fun to edit because every shot that is perfect is like a gift.Newborn Michael 11Newborn Michael 12I take the pictures at the hospital and then leave them for a few days or weeks, as you do when you have a newborn to tend to a delivery to recover from.  But when I look back through them each one feels like a surprise.  Remember how his little legs folded up, remember how his ear looked slightly folded, remember that swirl of hair, remember how the hospital room and the bed and that baby all looked exactly from my perspective?

Newborn Michael 16Newborn Michael 15

I’m so glad that I do.Newborn Michael 13(I also was able to have photos taken of my labor and delivery by my friend and Chicago wedding photographer extraordinaire Christine, and they are AMAZING.  They are in a category of their own, namely perfection, and I’ll share those soon as soon.  That is, when I figure out a way to narrow down 300+ perfect storytelling photos into a reasonable sized post. 🙂

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  1. This is so lovely! I have very few pictures from the hospital because our room had almost zero natural light, and that makes me a little sad. I wish you’d had your baby first so I could have seen this post and forced myself to take similar shots despite the poor lighting! These photos are such a gift.

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