25 Months of Fun

I have been planning to do a little Jayce update for a while now, and I decided that today is the day. I need to hurry up and do it because new little nuances are added to the mix every week!



Jayce is such a daddy’s boy, and if we need a little motivation to get him to do something, we’ll just show him how his dad is doing it, and it ropes him right in. We’ve been using this tactic in productive ways since he was a bit younger (like with foods that he didn’t want to eat), but now it’s just kind of a funny thing.


One afternoon last month, Chris came into the house after mowing the lawn and didn’t have a shirt on. It’s obviously not the first time Jayce has ever seen Chris like this, but maybe it was the first time that he realized, “Hey, Dad doesn’t have a shirt on, I don’t want to have a shirt on either!” He walked over to Chris tugging anxiously on his shirt and was absolutely giddy once it was off, after which he started running around the house yelling, as though a beast inside of him had just been released.


Chris and Jayce also have a new little game for when we go visit Chris at work, hide and seek in the Chapel. Since school is out, the building is mostly abandoned, and all Jayce wants to do in the world is run up and down the aisles of the chapel, so this is a great game. Chris and Jayce both start at the back of the room. Chris then runs down the main aisle towards the front of the room, picks a row at random and lays down on the bench, thus disappearing completely from Jayce’s view. Jayce then runs down the aisle until he finds the row that Chris is hiding in, bursts into giggles, runs over to hug Chris and “rescue” him, and then they both head to the back of the room, where Jayce yells “again!”



He has started doing that “Mo-om” thing recently, which is cute but kind of annoying at times. Like on our drive to Florida, when we’re in the car, he’s watching a movie, and I’m trying to sleep because I’ve taken medicine for motion sickness that is trying to knock me out. Truly, about every 3-5 minutes we would hear, “Mo-om” for no apparent reason. I think he just thought, “Well, Mom isn’t checking in on me every few minutes, so I’ll just check in on her.” Chris tried to help by asking him what he needed, but Jayce would just repeat Mom over and over until I turned around, and 9 out of 10 times he just smiled at me or looked out the window. Maybe this was just him getting back at me for those times when I wouldn’t let him fall asleep in the car.


A few months ago we were playing in the bedroom while I cleaned out a closet and I looked up to see Jayce playing with my free weights. He knows that he’s not allowed to play with those, but they are just SO enticing. I wouldn’t mind except that 5 or 10 pounds could do some good damage to little toes, so I declared in my most firm mommy voice, “Jayce, if you pick that up you are going to get a spanking, do you hear me?!” He looked up at me, bent over the weight, put his hand on the handle and then rolled it across the room. I only wavered between laughing and clarifying myself for a second, and then I scooped up my little loophole-finder and took him outside to swing.


Just Jayce


He is talking so much now and it is such a joy. It’s always fun to hear his sweet little voice repeating what we say, but what I enjoy the most are the random things that he says when no one is paying attention to him, as he’s playing or when he’s laying in his crib before or after sleep.


He is at the stage where the things that he is learning are so obvious to us. He is so aware of numbers, letters and colors right now, and is constantly declaring these things to us. It’s fun to get this new clarifying element in his vocabulary, it’s not just “cow!” it’s “cow. two cows. eat. grass. white. moooo.” Also if there are different sized items, the small one is the baby and the large one is the daddy. Apparently there are no mommy-sized pieces of watermelon, pretzels or rocks, but that’s okay.


We got him a little alphabet puzzle last month that narrates the letters and something that starts with that letter, and he knew most of it within the week. Even now if we see a letter somewhere, he will tell me “S…star!” He also is repeating what he hears on educational shows, and for the past week will randomly say, “buh buh buh bike! bee! ball!”


He’s started adding our names to the beginning and end of his requests, and it’s just so sweet. It’s so hard to resist, “Daddy, help!” or “Please Mom,” so we usually don’t.


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  1. great post Erin! Jayce is such a big boy! Please tell me where the ABC puzzle is from?? Timmy is starting to pay attention to numbers and letters too, but everything is an 'E'!

  2. Great pictures! I especially love the image of the two guys on the deck overlooking the water.

    You've told such a nice story with these images.


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