3 Year Old Jayce-isms

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I made these pants for Jayce a few months ago and just got the chance to get some pictures of him in them.  I thought they would make a fun backdrop for some recent Jayce-isms.

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3 years old is a fun age.  It is particularly interesting because Jayce has such a good grasp of language, so the vocabulary mix ups are pretty sweet.

Backporchigans instead of Backyardigans.

He asks us to come sit behind him on the couch, instead of beside him.

When asking for the menu at a restaurant recently, he asked for the food map.

He doesn’t really understand when to use the word either, and will often throw it in a sentence randomly.  “I want a goldfish and juice box either.”

He has a pretty good grasp of pronouns, but he struggles with she, as in, he never uses it.  He always says things like, “Mom, her is crying.  Her needs a drink.”

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He will periodically declare, “We are having a great time!” in the middle of playing.  It’s so sweet.

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After playing for a little while, he’ll inform me,

“Mom, I’m out of energy.  I need to get some water.  Oh, I was so thirsty.  Here you go Mom! ” and then share his drink with me.

I asked Chris if he told Jayce about energy and he didn’t, so I guess that came from school.  Now starts the long list of things that I won’t really know where he learned about, or exactly what he learned.

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He also has picked up some sayings that aren’t bad, but that we don’t really want him to say.  Chris and I say, daggonit more regularly than we realized, until Jayce started saying, “Oh, dong it!

It’s not bad, it just doesn’t sound right.

Also, last week we passed something exciting in the car, and Jayce declared “Oh gosh!! ” while Chris and I cringed.  (As I’m typing this I feel so ridiculous because I know “Oh gosh” isn’t a horrible thing to say, but it just sounded so wrong coming out with that sweet little high pitched voice.)  Chris and I immediately started declaring, “Oh, wow!  Holy Moly! ” and various other corney but excited sayings, trying to encourage him to pick up one of those instead.

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We made muffins last week and my little cook helped me with each stage of the task.  I informed him at one point that he was a good helper. He said,

“I am a great helper.” Then he paused and said, “I’m great at mixing and dancing.”

I guess he just needed to sum up his talents for me.

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A few weeks ago we had our baby sitter Brenda and her boyfriend over for dinner one evening.  Jayce had never met the boyfriend (named Jason) before.  Jayce struggled with the concept of “Jason” for some reason.

Is Jason a Jayce? No, his name is Jason.

Is Jason Jayce’s daddy? No, he’s Brenda’s friend.

Is Jason Brenda’s daddy? No, he’s her friend.

Is Jason a little boy? No, he’s one of those big kids from dad’s work.

Oh.  I not want Jason to come to my house.  I’m shy.

Jayce then proceeded to have an absolute blast when Jason came over, which we knew would happen.  But I did think it was funny that he declared himself shy, something we never do.

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The other afternoon I told Jayce that I was going to have quiet time that day too, and asked him to tell me the rules.

For the record, the “rules” are: lay down in bed, be quiet, listen for the timer, and snuggle your bears.

However, the “rules” that he told me were:

1.) You can go potty.

2.) You can get a tissue.

3.) You can blow your nose.

4.) Not get up and play.  That’s not a very good idea, to get up and play basketball.

It’s worth noting that he told them to me exactly like this.  As in, he said, “Number one, you can… Number two, you can…”  Pretty funny.

It’s also worth noting that #1-3 on Jayce’s list could actually be called “the ways to stall on quiet time that won’t get you in trouble.”  These were the things that he decided to share with me, from one person having quiet time to another.  The little rascal.

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  1. So sweet! He looks ridiculously grown up in these pictures though! All of his little sayings are precious. L won't use she or he either. Everything regarding Abbott is "him's" I'm in no hurry to correct it!

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