30 Years

Happy birthday. 

Today, you turn 30.  I am so lucky to have you.  You have brought more joy to my life in our decade together than I thought was possible. 


We have such a full life and am so happy to have had you at my side on this journey.  And now we also have this amazing little boy.  How will I ever stop counting my blessings?


Thank you for taking your role as a father so seriously.  It is one of the thrills of my life to watch you and Jayce together.  He loves you so much and looks up to you completely.  Use this power wisely. 🙂

2010_01_16_5900 2010_01_16_5896

We love you, you’re everything to us.  Happy Birthday.


6 thoughts on “30 Years

  1. I hope you never stop counting your blessings.
    I thought I was truly blessed when I met my husband @ age 34. Then his 3 boys moved in and I finally had the family I'd always yearned for.
    But when I see him w/our 2 yr old grandson, I feel totally complete.
    Sons are wonderful, but grandsons are absolutely, positively the best!
    Thanks for stopping by the other day. It's much appreciated.

  2. Hey, it's me. Just wanted to let you know that it was hand sewing on the pillows! I do love the way the hand sewing looks and I only really know how to use one stitch on my machine and it doesn't not give me the look I want for stuff like that so I go with the hand sew! Thanks.

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