31 Weeks Along

March4 3

Well, I’m 31 weeks along now, the baby is due in exactly 2 months from today. Wow. A friend just asked me, “You’re down to weeks now, right?” and I guess that is true though I hadn’t really thought of it that way. Single digit weeks at that, which seems important. 🙂 According to my BabyCenter.com update I have 60 days to go, which seems crazy to me. I haven’t really been paying attention to the amount of days until baby. When you first sign up for those emails you have like 200+ days and it just seems so far away, but 60 seems very close.

March4 4

I don’t really have any exciting pregnancy information to share. I passed my glucose test (the short one), and I was happy about that but not surprised. I have gained just under 30 pounds so far, which is fine with me. My energy is waning, but I don’t have the really miserable 3rd trimester stuff that I know is right around the corner – swelling, heartburn, indigestion, etc, so I’m trying to make myself take it easy. I have had less time for the blog (obviously), and realized that I have barely pulled out my camera in the past month, so I’ll be making more of an effort with that. It didn’t used to take any effort, but it seems that everything takes a little more effort these days.

March4 5

Regarding my OB, we’ve decided to switch to another doctor in the practice because we’re fed up with ours. She’s rude, condescending, and overall really annoys us. So my next visit is with someone else, there are 2 other ladies in the network, and between the 3 of them we will find someone who is nice enough, and doesn’t drive us crazy. I know this seems kind of strange to be changing it up so late in the game, but we didn’t know who would have delivered Jayce if we’d have stayed in Scotland (you just get whichever midwives are in the hospital at the time), and we ended up meeting the doctor who delivered Jayce in Kentucky on that day when it was about time to push, so it seems less strange to me. As long as the person is in the business of helping women get babies out of their bodies, and they aren’t overly rude, then I’ll be happy with them.

March4 6

My sciatic nerve pain has lessened a bit, because, I’m told, the baby is getting too big to be settled into my pelvis and has shifted up a bit. Sweet relief!! But it has been replaced by pain in my pelvic bone (aww maaan), so I am only celebrating a little.

I also found out that I don’t get a 3rd trimester ultrasound. Is that common? Most of my friends did have one with their doctor’s offices, so I was kind of looking forward to seeing just how big our little girl is. But I guess I’ll just be surprised in a few months and that’s fine.

March4 7

We’ve decided to keep baby’s name a secret once we finalize it, which is kind of fun. It gives us lots of time to still deliberate and change our minds without having made any sort of verbal commitments, though my sister is really stressed out about it. (Sorry Chels!) I do feel kind of like a terrible person whenever I tell someone this though. I feel like I’m telling them, “You don’t deserve to know yet!” But since no one knows, the playing field is pretty even. And it allows Chris and I to have a fun little secret between us about our family, kind of like when no one else knew I was pregnant yet.

March4 8

In the meantime, I’ve been giving lots of love to my big baby. He’s just too sweet for words, even in his more rotten moments, and I’m so thankful he’s mine. We got these fun pictures the other day when I was trying to get a belly picture, and I was cracking up that he kept putting his hands on his stomach too. There have been some big changes in our house in the past few weeks, having to do with new big boy beds, old cribs and new nurseries, and I’m looking forward to sharing it.

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