6 Must Haves for Your Last Pregnancy and Newborn

**I was asked to share a few must have items today over on Madre Beads blog, and I figured I might as well share it here as well.  Only a few more weeks until I get to take advantage of these with my new little guy!!**

I’m not sure about you, but one of the things that I looked forward to before my first child was even conceived was setting up the baby registry and picking out lots of adorable tiny little things.  But the first time that I ventured into Babies R Us when I was pregnant, I took a (slightly terrified) stroll around the store, mostly sticking to the main aisles and not venturing down any of the side isles, and then leaving without having purchased or registered for a single thing.  I was fully and enormously overwhelmed!  But eventually I got there.  I figured out what I needed the most, got them from baby showers or on loan from friends and family, and a year or so in could give a full report on what were my most essential items, and what were a waste of money and space.MadreBeads1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6

I am currently pregnant with my third child, and very likely our last.  My second child is currently 4.5, so it has been a little while since I’ve been through the baby market to see new developments, trends, and must haves.  For me there has been a slightly different mindset for my third pregnancy and my third baby.  I have a very pared down list of baby needs, and since this will be my last pregnancy and newborn I have a few different items on my agenda.  Items that I want. 🙂

Here are my six must haves for your last pregnancy and baby.  

Il 570xN 835564150 cpfw1.) A current trendy baby item that you adore, but became popular just after your first baby and you missed it!  

You probably already know what yours are.  Baby moccasins?  Knot headbands?  Bandana bibs?  Whatever it is, go ahead and just get at least one.

IMG 02052.) An item that has come out since your last baby that solves a problem that you had before.

Did you have to swear off of your jewelry because of a nursing newborn who liked to grab and tug?  Get a nursing necklace from Madre Beads.  Never remember how long/which side you started nursing on?  Check the iBaby Nursing Timer.  Want to check on your sleeping baby from your phone?  You can with an iBaby Monitor.

Il 570xN 684073026 lrpu3.) A custom item from a small handmade shop.

You are no longer limited to what is available in stores to meet your needs, the internet has made the world you (and your baby’s) oyster.   I also love supporting other  mommas living their dream by creating and selling from home.  So what will it be?  Custom nursery bedding?  Personalized nursery prints?  A baby crown?  The choice is yours.

Learn info pod delivery 79b8d59d83518989444d522f535132714.) A service that will take something off of your to-do list.

Amazon Mom will give you discounts on your diapers and wipes and deliver them to your door.  The Honest Co. will deliver cleaning products/baby products/self care products and each item is baby safe and organic.  Blue Apron will deliver recipes and all of the ingredients needed to make those meals right to your doorstep.

5.) Something that will help you revel in this amazing experience for the last time.

A pregnancy massage, weekly pregnancy yoga, a different birthing technique, a professional photographer in the delivery room.  This is your last time so try something that you have considered but not gone for before.

Stripe Solly Baby wrap 1024x10246.) Something that you just want.

Okay I’ll confess.  I already have a front baby carrier, a back baby carrier, and two different strollers.  Okay three strollers.  But I want a Solly baby wrap because I think the rhythm of my days with this winter baby will be different than it was with my two summer babies, and I just want it.

Also I want a drying rack that looks like grass.  I just do.

I got one thing from each of these categories to prepare for baby #3, and I love each of them SO MUCH.  I can’t wait to marry them up with my sweet little babe. 🙂