8 Days Old

I realized the other day that I have taken 1200 pictures since the day Hannah was born. So I think I had better start sharing more of them.

Bw 1

8 days old, with the most kissable lips ever.

Bw 2

I can’t slow down these days, or how quickly she is changing. The only thing I can do is hurry up and snap a few shots before she changes again.

Posed 13

I want to remember all of these little wrinkles before they fill out, and all of the sleepy expressions before they evolve into new ones.

Posed 10Posed 33

All of that time working on headbands, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re all too big! I can easily adjust them, but who has time for such things these days? There is far too much rocking, snuggling and staring going on.

Posed 23

Ahh, to be 8 days old again. I’m just glad to have a few pictures to remember it by.

Posed 17

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