8 Days Without Leaving the House: AKA My Kid Has A Stomach Bug

Sick 1A few weeks ago poor Jayce had a stomach bug that lasted, in it’s many forms, for 8 days.  Halfway through those 8 days, Chris left the country, and was away for a week.  This is not a week that any of us would like to re-live.

Rebels 3But it did mean that me and my darlings had plenty of good quality bonding time.  Because, well, the stomach bug has a way of limiting your activities, since you need to be within arms reach of a bucket, a bathroom, or a soft pillow at all times.  We made a few trips to the doctor’s office, the pharmacist, the coffee/ice cream shop (that one was for me, and well deserved), but none of them were trips longer than 30 minutes or so.Rebels 1Hannah terrorized Jayce, who she is not used to seeing horizontal and helpless.  She just couldn’t resist herself, and as a little sister, I understand that.

But they bonded too.  Mostly in completely ignoring my repeatedly telling them not to sit on the table.

Rebels 2But then I just let them, because it was kind of sweet.  And it wasn’t the only rule that I let go during my week of survival.  Luckily Jayce recovered, we made it to the other side of that long week, and the no sitting on the table rule is back.  Mostly since I already got my “kids together on the table” photo fix.