A Big Brother’s Big Birthday

Today is my big brother’s 30th birthday. I don’t typically do birthday shout outs, but since it’s my blog, I play by my own rules. 🙂 Anyway, 30 is a big one, and since I can’t celebrate with him physically today I will celebrate with him however I can, including here.
Justin and I are very close in age. Since I’ve had a baby, people often ask when we plan to have another, and how close in age my siblings and I are. I tell them that my brother is 17 months older, and my sister 9 years younger, so somewhere between the two. 🙂 Being so close in age, we were best friends when we were little, went through the phase of irritating one another through middle school, and became friends again in high school and after.
I’ve enjoyed being friends with my brother. Unfortunately we’re both busy, but whenever we and our spouses get the chance to catch up, we end up talking until all parties are exhausted. Also, for Chelsea’s last birthday Justin spent hours on ebay and craigslist for different cities trying to track down an old Nintendo like we used to have, and the three of us logged many hours trying to beat Bowser’s castle that weekend, and heckling one another . It was great.
Justin has always been a big help to me, moving me in and out of a few places in college and letting me crash at he and his wife’s place for a few weeks one summer, where Chris eventually proposed! He and his wife, Tasha, drove Chris and I up and down the state of Ohio when we would come home to visit from Scotland, and always willingly agreed to cart us around even before we started offering gas money, dinner, etc. It’s hard to visit family that lives 6 hours apart when you have no car, and we were so grateful for their help!!

Justin and Tasha are musicians in the group Ellery, and we have been so excited and proud to see all that they have done over the last 10 years. We used to love coming to see them play all of the time when we lived in Cincinnati and really miss those days! I can’t wait to go to another live concert soon!

Justin also is a great uncle and always making Jayce smile and laugh. He designed and painted these cool animal pictures for Jayce’s nursery, which certainly wins a few cool points with his nephew as well.
Justin, are we really this old already? So sorry we can’t be celebrating with you today, but live it up in NYC!! We can’t wait to hear the new album, we’re so proud of you guys!! We love you!