A Day for Driving, Not Blogging

Today was, as the title might suggest, a day in the car. We drove out of town to see family for Thanksgiving, and then out of town from there to meet up with other family members for dinner. We then drove back to the initial out of town location for sleeping and Thanksgiving celebrations. We have only just arrived and I am completely wiped out! My 18 month old, who normally naps for about 4 cumulative hours only slept for 1 hour, and went to bed 3+ hours late.
I hope he sleeps in tomorrow, because I need to sleep in tomorrow! And since Chris just got in last night from his conference in New Orleans, and then drove all day today, he needs to sleep in!

This year for Thanksgiving, I plan to be thankful for sleeping in. I hope I don’t jinx it. Not that I believe in that sort of thing.