A Day We Will Never Forget?

Last week, Lincoln Christian College officially became Lincoln Christian University. I was chatting with a friend on facebook about this (Hi Mandy!), she mentioned the new website which I hadn’t yet seen, so I promptly pulled it up. Chris was sitting near me on the couch, and mentioned the faculty pages, so I checked out his page.

He told me that I had a little shout out at the end, which was cool, until I realized that it was incorrect.

It said something like, “Married to Erin Alexa Keith, June 6, 2003.” The correct date is June 7, 2003. I folded my arms across my chest in mock aggravation, 90% amused to see how this would play out, 8% curious as to whether or not he would even notice the mistake, 2% actually mad.

“Chris, look at this!” I said, with my eyebrows raised.

Chris, laughing guiltily, “Oh…instead of July?” (Again, correct date, June 7, 2003)

Me, “What?!” looking at him like he is crazy. I am now 80% confused, 18% wondering if he has any idea when we were married, and 2% actually mad.

Chris, laughing still, “Wait…2003?!” He looks at the screen intently as though the answer may suddenly jump out to him, and I think to avoid looking at me, but still laughing a bit.

Me, “Chris, are you being serious? Do you honestly not remember our wedding date? It’s on your ring, look at your ring!”

Chris, laughing. “Yes. No, June 7, 2003. Yeah, I know when it is. You know, I might have filled it out right on the form and the guy just typed it in wrong on the website.”

Me, “That may be so, but you obviously don’t know when it is.” I am now highly amused, and 100% confident that I will get a lot of mileage out of harassing him for this. I mean, how stereotypical is the whole husband forgetting the wedding date thing? And publicly? He won’t be hearing the end of this any time soon.

A few nights later we were out to dinner and saw several of Chris’ colleagues, and they stopped by our table to say hi before they left. One of them is the guy who is in charge of the website, and whom Chris thanked for promptly correcting the date listed on the website.

Among other things, the guy said, “Yeah it was no problem. I checked the form you had filled out and you had written June 6 on it, but it was no problem to fix.”

Me, “I am totally putting this on the blog.”

8 thoughts on “A Day We Will Never Forget?

  1. Classic! I love it! Brian actually had to call his parents (I wasn't there) from the bank one time because he didn't remember the day Eli was born. He still hasn't heard the end of that. And, he still doesn't know Eli's birthday.

  2. Chris is awesome. I'm sure it was an honest mistake and because your beauty on that day overwhelms his memory of everything else.

  3. Great story! Hilarious. I totally remember being in some class with Jay Kidwell and Chris and I sat next to each other sometimes. We would just talk about you and Jason the whole time. So fun.

    p.s. thanks for your comments on the blog. if you ever figure out how to get pictures to be even bigger on blogs, please let me know! There has to be a way, right? : )

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