A Little Dramatic

I set some peas down in front of Jayce today and despite having eaten a plateful for the past few days, he gave me the most dramatic protest. Holding hands up away from the offending food is new in our house.He had the opposite reaction to his mac n cheese, as you can see. A second after I snapped this shot he pulled down his bowl and a noodle was stuck to his nose. I started laughing at him and he laughed back at me. I considered taking a quick picture, as I always do, but decided to keep that moment just for myself. It was a sweet one.

One thought on “A Little Dramatic

  1. Oh, the protesting of food makes me crazy. Tyson will clench his teeth so hard that we can't possibly shove anything in it. It's crazy. I love that you "kept that moment to yourself." That is precious.

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