A New Addition

This fall there will be a new addition to our household.  

Chelsea just graduated from Akron University and will be starting her Masters degree here at SMUC in the fall.  We’re so so excited for her.  She’s so excited that she’s been hugging trees ever since she got the news.

Chelsea 1We started talking about the possibility before we moved here.  SMUC has a program in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology that sounded right up her ally.  So did moving to London.  So she’s doing it. 🙂

When she came with us to help us move, she met with someone in the department to see the campus, talk about the program, her interests and experience, and see how they aligned.  She went home and applied.

In March she found out she was accepted and struck a pose.

Chelspose 1When her and mom came to visit last month, she met with one of the professors and the International Office to get some more questions answered and fill out paperwork.  Chris gave mom the grand tour of the campus, including the coffee shop(s), and the track where **Mo Farah trained before the Olympics.  

About a month later, she found out she got a scholarship and started kissing the air.

Chelsea 2And in September she will move over here.  We are SO so excited for her and all that is ahead of her.  Also, our kids are excited, because they think she’s okay too.

We love you Chels, congrats!!


**On a semi-unrelated side note, the second week that we lived here, a friend was over for a conference and came to stay with us one night.  Chris took him to campus on Sunday to show him around, and when they stopped for coffee they noticed a guy running around the track who looked a lot like Mo Farah.  They stepped outside and it turns out that it was him, just running leisurely around the track while his daughter rode alongside him on her bike.  

This was while Chris and I were still reeling a bit from moving to London.  So when Chris told me about it, we were like, “Yeah, no big deal.  Just stopped by campus on the weekend, and Mo Farah was there for a run with his kid, about 3 weeks after he won 2 gold medals.  This is our new reality.”  Weird.**

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  1. So happy for you and your sister! sisters should be together! my sister came to live with me for about 4 months in phoenix when we were in the process of moving back to iowa. then she lived in the chicago area for a couple years and now her family lives down the street. i don't know what i would do without her. this will make your london adventure so much better!

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