A New Flat: My Favorite, The Kitchen

Hbath 29

Welcome to our flat.  We are #21, and yes the 1 is slightly larger than the 2.  

Hbath 27

When you walk in, to the right are the steps upstairs to the bedrooms, and just a step past it is the hall to the kitchen.  We’re starting there because it is probably my favorite room in the house and what drew me right in when we looked at it online.

Hbath 40

Ooo, it’s so pretty!  It’s bright, with big windows on the left and right side that let sunshine and fresh air blow straight through while we’re cooking, eating or hanging out.
Hbath 32Hbath 33To the right.

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Pretty blue, green and white dishes displayed in clear cabinets.  Under-cabinet lighting, if necessary.  A pretty view of the brick-lined streets and sidewalks.  Two spouts, and two handles, drinking water and washing water.  (I honestly don’t know if the water flowing through them is exactly the same or not, but the water that comes out of the smaller spout has a contained trickle that fills my water bottles just right, so there’s always that…)

Hbath 41

To the left, our little dinner nook.  Yes, we actually have an eat-in kitchen!!  I was amazed by this when we were checking the listing because almost every flat had the dining room table in one half of the living room.  So, in my mind, not only does this present us with an eat-in kitchen, but it also presents us with a living room to use AS a living room.  I can’t even imagine the damage Hannah would do to the carpet if we ate our meals at a table in the living room.  She is such a little food thrower.  

Hbath 43Hbath 44Hbath 45

Hannah’s sweet new high chair, flowers Chris had waiting for me when we arrived at the flat, Chelsea doing dishes, and the other big bright window overlooking some beautiful flats with the river behind them.

Hbath 49

So come visit, and we’ll fix you some tea.  I’ll make you try it with milk if you haven’t before, because it’s so much better that way, and Chris always tells me that I make a mean cup of tea.  And we can call it a cuppa if we want, but not in front of any locals because that will only reveal just how lame we are. 🙂  But it really is good tea.  

Hbath 68

More soon, again.  
(I think “more soon” is becoming an accidental tagline for me these days.  Oh well.)

11 thoughts on “A New Flat: My Favorite, The Kitchen

  1. Your flat is lovely. Thank you for sharing. And a BIG Thank you for hosting my husband in your flat the other day. I am sure he had tea while he was there. Of course since we moved from England to the States we drink our tea with milk. There is no other way. But it just isn't the same having tea in the U.S. as having a cuppa in England.

  2. LOVE love LOVE your kitchen!!!!!
    but loved the sneak-peak of you in the cabinet most of all–save me a 'cuppa' dear sweetness!


  3. Spectacular flat design! I really enjoyed viewing the images on this post. I would be able to get a place like this if I could find stacked of money in my drawer slides. This post will act as my motivation to finally live in a beautiful flat like this. I hope you have many years of happiness there.

  4. Congratulations on the new apartment! It’s been a month since you moved in. How are things going with the new crib? It certainly has an impressive kitchen. The wooden fixtures bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to the room. Are you planning to paint the rooms, by any chance? I think it would be great if you do. You can make the color of each room different from one another so bring more life and creativity your little space!

    Chase Conely

  5. Ooh! I love the color of your kitchen cupboards! 🙂 To preserve their beauty, don’t forget to wipe your kitchen cabinets with damp towels and soap. Also, don’t forget to have your kitchen fan turned on whenever you’re cooking, as it would help in preventing grease and dust from sticking on your kitchen cabinets.

    Cody Carini

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