A Noteworthy Room

Laundry 1
Chris walked through the flat with a letting agent before the kids and I flew over, so he was the first to see everything in person.  As he was telling me about it that night, he mentioned the washing machine.  I said something about it being in the kitchen, which is where they often are located, and he stopped me.
Oh no, it’s not in the kitchen.  It’s under the stairs!  Yeah, it’s like a little Harry Potter room under there.  There’s a door that’s like, up to my knee, and the washing machine is back in there.  Maybe we’ll get Jayce to shimmy on in there to do the laundry or something.”  
So this is what I have in my mind.  And then we arrive,
Laundry 3
and we make fun of Chris a LOT about the whole door up to his knee thing.  Because it’s a lot bigger than up to his knee.
Laundry 13Laundry 14
Like, I can stand in it.  And try to take pictures to show that it is basically just a half an inch taller than me.  If I’m standing straight, I fit perfectly.  If I have my hair in a ponytail on the top of my head, it hits the ceiling.
And I’ll make the pictures black and white to try to minimize the non-shower non-makeup-ness of the day.  Which works like a charm.
Laundry 15Laundry 16
So yeah, this is our little laundry room/closet area.  
Laundry 4
It has a slanted ceiling, so I can only stand in the part that is right in front of the dryer, 
Laundry 6
I keep my sorted dirty clothes in these little wire racks, a variety of random things on the shelves in there, because it’s also serves as a hall closet for us, so shoes, umbrellas, my camera bag, toiletries, etc. all live there.
Laundry 10
It’s not much, but it works.  I have to do a load every day to stay right on top of it, because it all has to line dry, which takes part or most of the day.  So I can’t let it get backed up, or there will be so many “washed but not all the way dry” clothes draped all across random furniture in the living room.
Laundry 7
Hannah always comes in with me while I’m doing the laundry, and attempts to put on everyone’s shoes, or starts emptying the laundry basket contents onto the floor.  Or on days when I’m taking an extra long time because I’m standing in the laundry room taking pictures, she does both.

Laundry 17

This is random, but I forgot how small laundry bottles are here.  It’s concentrated, but of course you use even less when you have a small capacity washer in the first place.  My detergent and fabric softener bottles are smaller than most bottles of ketchup.  Kind of funny. Very random.

Laundry 11

And if you’re wondering how difficult it is to take a picture of your hand in between a few bottles to show the size of something, while stepping back far enough to show the whole picture, but not have your whole arm in the picture, and keep your wrist from being at a strange angle, let me just say, this is pretty difficult.  Consider yourself warned.

Hbath 8

Happy laundry day!  That is, happy Wednesday.  And every other day.

5 thoughts on “A Noteworthy Room

  1. Love it! So funny the little quirks. It kind of makes me think all the way back the 'shath!' 🙂 Glad you have a little space to keep your laundry in though, that will be so nice!

    PS, I would definitely make fun of Chris too. His estimate might have been a tad off…

  2. I had to come out of reader for this one! How crazy! I think I would die without a dryer. I love your flat and am thoroughly enjoying these posts. Glad you all had a safe move and I hope everyone is transitioning easily!

  3. Oh man, I seriously cracked up at the picture of you in front of the little door. If I didn't look at any other part of this post, and if I didn't know you, I'd assume you were super gigantically tall. I was thinking recently that I'm sad that you are there now and we are in Alaska now because I really feel like we are missing out on a good friendship that could have been fabulous.

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