A Picture, A Paragraph: Jayce’s Room

I read about A Picture, A Paragraph, on another blog this week and I thought it was a good policy to adopt from time to time.  My desire to tell the whole story sometimes keeps me from blogging, but implementing something like this might help me to do better.  Particularly on very crazy weeks, like this one.  Narrowed down pictures and thoughts are better than no pictures and thoughts, right?  But now I’ve (already) ruined it by breaking the rules and adding an intro paragraph.  Sigh.

Hbath 5Anyway, the above picture is Jayce’s room the weekend that we moved in.  It’s obviously not staged, decorated, beautiful, or anything else, but it’s a great room.  Bright with lots of natural light and light-colored elements, with a big “big boy bed” that he has never fallen out of, and has all of the space that he needs since he doesn’t have any furniture other than his bed.  The room is not that different today.  We still have not received the items that we shipped, so he has barely any books or toys.  We hope to have everything by the end of next week, fingers crossed!

This week I bought this adorable fabric, and it makes me so happy.  More to come, soon, as I figure out how to mix these two together, and turn this from a white canvas into a fun little boy’s room.


(And now I’ve really blown it, 2 paragraphs, 2 pictures, and 2 closing sentences.  Oh well.)

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