A Rough Few Days

You would not know, given the big smile on my boy’s face, what a rough week he’s had. I had to bribe him slightly to get this big smile, but more on that later.

It started off on Friday, with an unfortunate meeting between Jayce’s little head and the pavement curbside. He had a few big scrapes and a good knot, but surprisingly no bruising. Luckily, babies are resilient, but it looked so bad on Friday that I purposely didn’t take a picture, if that tells you anything.

Moving into this week, Jayce had his doctor’s appointment and shots one day. The next morning, we pulled out some socks since temperatures had dropped so rapidly around here, and he seemed fine walking around in them other than initially picking his feet up very deliberately and looking at them, much like a cat with tape on their paw.

When I got him up from his nap, I changed his diaper and set him down while I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. A second later, I heard him start crying and called out, “It’s okay buddy, Mom’s just washing her hands. I’ll be right there.” I walked out of the room and he was flat on his back. Apparently he didn’t navigate the change from carpet to hard wood very well, and the poor thing was just laying there wailing! I quickly scooped him up and he stopped crying right away so I think he just got scared more than anything else. I’m just glad that when he went down his head hit the carpet instead of the wood!
About an hour later, he stuck his finger in the little compartment on the tv, it closed when he tried to pull his finger out, and scraped off all of the skin below his fingernail. There was some blood to deal with on this one, so I pulled out my best mom weapon, Superman bandaids.
While I was tending to Jayce’s little finger and trying to keep him distracted enough to let me do so, I grabbed the first bright and interesting looking object from the closet by the bandaids, a box of earplugs. (I know, so exciting, it’s the little things though, right?) Jayce was pretty intrigued with shaking the box and then mashing one of the earplugs around. He kept trying to chew on it and I kept trying to keep it out of his mouth. In the end, I let him win since he’d gotten so banged up in the last few days. And this is the reason for his victorious smile.

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