A Story of Stickers Gone Wrong

One day, a mom made a terrible mistake.  She thought she had purchased Toy Story 3 stickers, but as her child excitedly ran into the room with his coloring book in tow, she realized that she had actually purchased temporary tattoos.  In an attempt to rectify the situation, she offered to put Buzz on her child’s hand, and he accepted.


But he did not like it.


He did not like it at all.


He tried to rub it off on his shirt, and when that didn’t work, he took his mom’s hand and tried to use her finger to scrape it off.


But that didn’t work either.  The mom wasn’t sure just how well the tattoo would stick, since it was a cheap batch from the Dollar Store, so she gave her child a wet rag to try to wipe it off.  This pacified him for a little bit…


but he soon became skeptical…


and then stressed.


His stress quickly turned into frustration,

IMG_5176 2.jpg

and then despair.


He made faces so sad, that his mom had to put down the camera, even though the pictures were blurry, snuggle the little guy and promptly remove Buzz.  They  then colored with sharp crayons, and all was well.


And when naptime came, the mom tried not to be overly annoyed with Picnik for not working, and thus ruining what would have been a very funny collage.






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