A Sweet Shot

Jayce received a bubble blowing lawnmower for his birthday, and it is his FAVORITE thing. His other lawnmowers were more for balance as he was learning to walk so they didn’t go through the grass and he was always so bummed about this.  There is little that excites him more than watching his dad cut the grass, he was just so excited to be able to do the same thing.


And I was so excited about the trees framing my little lawnmower, and the lovely sunflare.

I am less pleased about the sunflare blob on my little buddy, but am still pretty happy with the overall result. What do you think?

I’m linking to Sweet Shot Tuesday.




10 thoughts on “A Sweet Shot

  1. That's so funny – I was just talking to my MIL about bubble blowing lawnmowers… what a great collaboration. A toy that gets 'em moving and without the sticky soap fingers 🙂 Picture is very sweet indeed!

  2. New to your blog but I had to comment when I aw this on Sweet Shot Tuesday-I loved it instantly. The trees frame the shot perfectly!

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