A Trip to Ham House

HamHouse 25This Easter weekend we made the short trip over to Ham House, which is only a few miles away from our flat.  We did an Easter egg trail, but also had plenty of time to just roam the gardens a bit and check it all out.
HamHouse 1We took the trail behind Marble Hill House, HamHouse 2which is along the river…HamHouse 3and grabbed the ferry across to the house.  
HamHouse 4It was a more direct way to get there and the kids were excited about our little boat ride.
HamHouse 5HamHouse 6There was a hungry horse on the other side to greet us.  Jayce wasn’t too sure about him, and it turns out that he only wanted to be fed and not petted, so we moved on quickly.
HamHouse 7HamHouse 9We didn’t go into Ham House itself this time, just around the gardens, but apparently it is one of the best preserved 17th century mansions and is haunted by a variety of ghosts.  Apparently it was also one of the locations in the dreadful movie John Carter, but I won’t re-watch that movie to try to catch a glimpse of the house.  It was beautiful on the outside though, and I would like to go back through it at some point.
HamHouse 10The back garden was incredible and broken down into various smaller gardens, with cobblestone walls dividing them up.  We ran through a few of them on the Easter hunt, but I didn’t get photos of them all since I was helping Jayce with his clues.HamHouse 16
HamHouse 24HamHouse 26After Jayce had his egg we let Hannah out of her stroller to run around and apparently peek into everything.
HamHouse 29
HamHouse 30HamHouse 31And photo bomb here and there.
HamHouse 33HamHouse 34She wouldn’t stand still with all of that flat space around her to run.  So we basically just let her roam all around and she loved it.
HamHouse 42HamHouse 35HamHouse 46The kids both went to sleep great that night which is always part of the end goal of a trip like that anyway.  But it was a beautiful location to be worn down in.