I know that some parents have a hard time getting their kids to wear shoes.   Some kids refuse gloves, immediately take off their hats, don’t cooperate with Halloween costumes, and wearing something like sunglasses would be completely impossible.  My kid is the opposite.


Jayce actually LOVES these sorts of things.  He loves hats and often won’t take his off  once when we get in the house or the store.  He loves gloves, and gets mad if one falls off.  If he’s getting antsy in the car, I’ll give him my sunglasses, which he’ll put on upside down, and then wear for the rest of the trip.  And then there’s shoes.  No pair of shoes, slippers, or flip flops will go unnoticed by him.  Actually, what irritates him the most about shoes, is when he is already wearing some of his own, and they are preventing him from slipping on an adult’s shoes as well.  He became fascinated with our shoes last summer, so he’s pretty well practiced by now, and often literally runs around in them.  Yesterday he was pushing the lawn mower in circles around the room while he was wearing his dad’s slippers.


I know you’re not supposed to do this, but I’m going to just come right out with it.  When it comes to walking around in shoes that are half the length of his body, Jayce is gifted. 

As the family picture-taker, this is pretty fun for me, because there are always funny photo opts when your kid can’t walk by a pair of work goggles without putting them on and then continuing on his way.  There were so many at Christmastime, that I ended up making a little collage of my favorites.

Piknic Jayce

And this one didn’t even make the cut.


Just a day in the life of my funny little boy.

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