Airport Luck, Despite the Seeming Oxymoron

Jayce and I flew to Akron for Thanksgiving this year a week early while Chris went to the SBL conference. I have been nervous about this ever since we bought the tickets, mostly due to a memory of a woman Chris and I observed a few years ago in line at security. She had a baby in a stroller, and as she went through security she had to hold her baby, fold up the stroller to put through the scanner, remove her boots, belt & coat to be scanned, and put her purse and diaper bag through. She also had bottles and lotions pulled out to be scanned separately, and had to items coming out of the scanner to be collected while she was still putting things through the front. Basically she was there forever, and it was a huge hassle. I remember watching her and Chris and I muttering “Poor lady” to each other. So this year the “poor lady” would be me, and I had mentally inserted Jayce and I missing our flight because we had taken so long at security.

I was also a bit worried about the flight. About Jayce’s ears popping (or not) and him crying inconsolably. About him dropping a big load in his pants right when the fasten seat belt light went on and me and my neighbors having to endure a smelly diaper for 20+ minutes. About us being seated next to some grumpy guy who was annoyed when Jayce swatted at his newspaper and spent the whole flight trying to lean away from us.

It turns out that we had some luck at the airport instead. I know it sounds ludicrous, but it’s true. Jayce and I were flying out in the morning and Chris was flying out that afternoon, so instead of just dropping us off he decided to check in for his flight early so that he could help us through security. The flight attendant not only let Chris check in early, but offered to let him fly out on Jayce and I’s flight (we were both going through Chicago to our final destinations). This would get Chris into Boston at 4 instead of midnight, and mean that he would be with Jayce and I on the plane and in Chicago, so the only time I would have Jayce alone was on my flight to Cleveland.

As for my other worries…we did get held up at security and we held up the line, but it was fine. Even when they had to do extra checks on our bottles of milk and the stroller got stuck in the scanner. Jayce’s ears didn’t pop, he didn’t cry once the whole trip, and there were no dirty diapers on the flights. The grumpy guy sitting next to us was Chris, and he wasn’t that grumpy with his sleeping baby in his arms. I aslo ended up with an empty seat next to me in my second flight, and Jayce slept the entire time.

And with my optimism peaking, I’m looking at flights for a spring trip.

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