Airports and International Flights: Take 3

IMG 1631

For our first international flight with the kids, it went like this.  The second international flight was just Hannah and I, and it went like this.  This was the third.

When people would ask me if I was excited about our trip, I would say something along the lines of, “When we are in our bed in Florida, about to fall asleep, I’m going to get so excited about our trip.”  This is totally true.  

Now, I’m not a pessimist.  I’m actually an optimist.  (Which, in hindsight, is maybe why I focused on the point when things will be going right instead of the possibility of the things that could go wrong.)  Anyway…

IMG 1627

Overall, everything went just fine.  There were lots of delays, including before we even could leave London, but we all managed just fine.

IMG 1630

I had found a Rescue Hero at a store in London despite the fact that they don’t typically carry those here, and had set it away for the trip.  That morning before we even went to the airport I gave it to Jayce, and Captain Cuffs made the day’s layovers much easier on my buddy.  

IMG 1632
We flew from London to Texas, and then a short flight over to Florida, so international flight was around 10 hours.  It was pretty darn long, particularly since we typically fly to somewhere in the North like Chicago or Newark that only takes about 7 hours.  But I had an arsenal of activities to keep the kids busy, including some less typical ones like play dough, 
IMG 1635
and mini 3-in-1 Lego sets.
IMG 1636IMG 1637
Hannah slept once for about 45 minutes.  Jayce didn’t sleep at all.  He was awake for 20 hours straight.
IMG 1634
But we made it, all in one piece, and that night when I was falling asleep, I started to get really excited about our vacation.:)