Akron and Iphones

Akron iphone1When Hannah and I traveled to Akron last month, I couldn’t take my camera with me.  But it didn’t matter, because mom and Chelsea and Mom had their “cameras.”  That week, Hannah was the primary subject of much iPhone photography.
Akron iphone3I don’t blame them though, and I was happy they had their phones, because there were many memorable moments.Akron iphone2Akron iphone4But eventually I got all bossy and was like, “Chelsea, you have to stop using your phone’s camera and get a camera app to use instead.
Akron iphoneThen I took her phone, bought my favorite one, downloaded it, and her pictures got significantly better.  It was $1 well spent.
Vscocam21Right?  I might be bossy on occasion, but sometimes I’m actually right.Akron iphone5Vscocam12Many thanks to mom and Chelsea for taking this many photos x100 to document our week together.  Not that they did it for me, but I still love it. πŸ™‚

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