All the Stripes Twisted Tank

I am so glad to be joining in on Laura’s Twisted Tuesday pattern tour today!
Laura of Titchy Threads has two fun patterns out where the side seams are twisted around to the front and back of the garments, and the results are just so clever and cool.  I had planned to use her Twisted Trousers pattern make a lightweight pair of summer pants but the fabric I had bought was ALL WRONG in every way.  Sigh.  Luckily I had been dying to make a Twisted Tank as well and this was the perfect opportunity.  You know I had to throw some stripes in there.

I don’t have a huge stash of knits at the moment, but I thought the blocked version of the tank would be a fun opportunity to play with stripes.  Matched up stripes just make me so happy, and all of these little right angles stacked on top of one another…sigh.  Next time I’m doing a color blocked version like my friend Erin did here, because I love stripes, but I love color blocking.

My only regret is that I wish I had attached the pocket to his left side instead of his right side.  I have loved the versions of the tank where the pocket lines up with the diagonal line, but with the tiny stripes going in different directions, and trying to match them all up, and line up the pocket…I just dropped the ball.  Plus I think the pocket draws away from those stripes a bit.  Bah!!  Live and learn.  I still might switch it to the other side.

The fit of the tank is great.  I did a size 7 even though Jayce is technically a size 6 just because we’re at the start of summer and I know how these kids like to grow!  I also wasn’t sure how the shirt would lie since I cut the two pieces in different directions on the stretch.  It turns out that it was just fine.
The fit is slightly slouchy but not baggy, which is exactly what I want in a boys tank.  Also the armholes are just the right size as well, that perfect balance between being not too snug in the armpit area but not so low that you are moving into muscle shirt territory. 🙂

It fit well for bending to read various pieces of information about cacti and didn’t show off his belly even with his arms over his head.  Perfect.

It was cold and rainy here again this weekend (come ON London!) so we headed to one of our very favorite family hang outs, Kew Gardens.  Kew is absolutely stunning on the outside, but if you need pictures of a tank top when it’s 60 degrees a rain forest glass house is your friend.  The perfectly diffused light will make the photographer in you happy, and your kids just might even sit together and smile.

But just for a minute.

Thanks for having me Laura!!

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  1. Your tank looks so good with the narrow stripes, perfect choice. Very handy to have Kew Gardens as a backup location too! Where is this British summer though? Thanks so much for joining the tour.

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