Alone Time

Two weekends ago Chris and I headed to Savannah to attend the wedding of a good friend. I was sooo excited about our trip, but a little sad since Jayce would be staying with his grandparents for 3 nights and I had never been away from him overnight. Several people had told me not to worry, that this would be a nice break for us.

They were right. It was so great to get away just the two of us. We let ourselves enjoy old luxuries, like eating our food at a leisurely pace, sleeping in, chatting over dinner, and generally just attending to ourselves. We had fun travelling around Savannah as well: We took a tour, consulted guidebooks, pulled out the map and took too many pictures. We used to travel a lot when we lived in Scotland so it was nice to do that again on a smaller scale.

One of the places I was really excited to go was Paula Dean’s restaurant, this chef who is a “Big Deal,” meaning on the Food Network and whatnot. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get in, and when we showed up at 11:00 am we were told that we couldn’t get a table for 2 until 9:45 pm. Needless to say we went elsewhere, and Chris and I assured ourselves that a trip to Savannah was still complete without this dining experience. I was a little bitter about missing out on her southern fried lunch buffett, and therefore did not purchase any of the many MANY of her cooking items that were for sale in every shop around us, including this interesting seasoning.Anyway, our time away from Jayce felt so strange. We have done so much traveling with Jayce in the last year that we are now completely accustomed to basing our road trip decisions around his needs. Plus he travels so well that it didn’t really feel like a relief to not be with him. I also felt like I had lots of extra mental space. I am so used to constantly watching Jayce and thinking about what he is doing and has done throughout the day, that only taking care of myself left me tons of extra time. Also, all day I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was forgetting something, like my brain was telling me I was supposed to be taking care of a baby. We were really busy in the evenings so that helped, but in the morning I dragged out showering, straightening my hair, makeup and eating breakfast as long as I could just to try to fill the time. I’m so used to doing those things in a snap, so taking my time was just odd.

We also had to talk about him periodically, in addition to the normal ways in which he might come up in conversation. When I was riding with 6 other girls on our way out for a bachelorette party, I suddenly piped up with, “Do you guys want to see pictures of Jayce?” They willingly obliged, (really, what else could they say?), but I still felt a bit like one of those crazy moms.

Needless to say, Jayce was doing just fine without us and was really great for his grandparents. He ate, slept and played just as usual, even out of his normal routine and environment, and even picked up a few new tricks in those few days. He now will hold the cell phone (or remote or ipod) up to his ear and go “Ah?” like “hello?” He also is doing the Indian call thing, for lack of a better way of putting it, where he repeatedly smacks his hand over his mouth while going “ahhhhh.”

While we were away I kept looking at this picture of Jayce that I had taken that week. How could I not miss this sweet boy?

We had a great trip but we were so happy to be reunited with our baby!

2 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. Well, let me just say, I am sure that you are still dying to try the Paula Dean thing for yourself someday, but it wasn't one of my shining memories from our trip this year! Things all over her store said "you can never use too much butter while your cooking." I took one bite of her lima beans, and I assure you that you certainly can use to much butter. It was good, but I have to say I was expecting more!

    I am glad you all got to enjoy some time together. After more than a year, I am sure you felt a little misplaced though without your little one!

  2. that does sound like a nice break! while i have had many many nights off with Timmy at one of his grandparents' for various reasons, i've yet to go a full 24 hours without seeing him… (this weekend was pretty close, being in a wedding saturday i dropped him off at my mom's friday before work, then spent the night there myself but he was already asleep. i got to see him for about ten minutes saturday morning before rushing off and met up with him again at 4:30 am at my mother-in-law's when he woke up after i crawled into the guest bed!) it sounds like whenever it comes up for real, and i'm in a relaxed pace, it will be a nice experience!

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