An Apple A Day

We have had a busy past few weeks which is probably reflected in my lack of blogging, though I have lots to say! Anyway, with the start of classes and the craziness that means for Chris, and the start of soccer and the craziness that means for me, I just haven’t been able to find the time. I am starting to get the hang of it now though, and will do my best to catch up now.

We had Jayce’s 15 month check up this week. It’s a few weeks overdue (again, something about these past few weeks), but all is well. He is still off the charts for his height (36 1/2 inches!) and average for his weight, which is consistent with how his growth curve has always been. But if anyone has any tips on how to sneak in more calories (other than Culvers custard, which I am tempted to make good use of), please let me know!

The checkup was fine other than the usual shots, 4 this time instead of 3! I was happy to discover that there will be no more shots at well visits until it is time for school to start, something I can’t even fathom right now so it seems that we are in the clear for a looooooong time. I was reminded, however, of an article I recently read where the writer had just taken her daughter to get her first round of shots.

She said, “It’s a horrible thing to take your child for shots, I seem to preemptively feel the pain that she is about to experience. It’s as though my arm is invisibly wrapped around hers and the nurse sticks the needle through my own arm before it sticks into hers…I swear, I almost punched that b**** right in the face.”

Not my words, but I can certainly agree with the sentiment. I was just happy we didn’t have an episode like last time!

On to other fun 15 month old things, two weeks ago Jayce finally started signing please by himself. We have been working on this for more than half of his life by now, and I’m just so glad that he finally got it and isn’t just doing the version we needed to help with. He’s getting a lot more demanding these days, and it is much easier to take orders from a 1 year old when there is a please attached!

He also has started bringing us to things that he wants, but can’t have or do alone. He will walk over, take your hand, look up at you until you acknowledge him, give your hand a little tug, and once you’re up will walk you over to his destination of choice. It started about three weeks ago (darn this lag in blogging!), whenever he wanted to go upstairs since he knows he’s not allowed to do that by himself. After about a week of this trick, he started also leading us to the backdoor (to go outside), or to the garage door (where his wagon is kept). Yesterday he took me over to the counter by the bananas, pointed up at them and then signed please. I was so proud, it was like a physical sentence! He did it again this morning when Chris was here. I’m sure that while we are thinking how great it is that he is picking these things up, he is likely thinking the same thing about us.