Another Baby

Hbath 3

Hannah discovered another baby in the bathtub the other day.

Hbath 2

Of course she tried to get the other baby, but when that didn’t work out, she still smiled at her and gave her a kiss.  The little sweetie.

Hbath 4Hbath 5

PS-Sorry for the fake out on the title!!  
PPS-Along those same lines, last week out of nowhere, Jayce and I had the following conversation.
J, sadly:  Mom!  When you eat, all that food covers the baby all the way up.
Me, stunned: What?!  (For a split second I thought to myself, “Wait, am I pregnant right now?!  No.  Whew.”)  You mean, when Hannah was in my belly?
J: Yeah!
Me: (Random incoherent babbling as I recover from the shock of Jayce tricking me into thinking that I was pregnant for a few seconds.)  
I have no idea what I said.  Whatever it was, by the end of it he was no longer worried about babies being covered up by all of the food that you eat when pregnant.
PPS-I obviously don’t think that pregnancy is a horrible thing, but if that were our situation right now, it would be quite a shock.
End of second round of incoherent babbling.

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  1. I love the blogs new look! I was looking at getting a new design, Would you be able to suggest someone?
    P.s you had me fooled with the title I couldn't read the post quick enough haha

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