Last weekend some people from church had an apple picking party at the apple orchard at their farm. Tons of people were there to help collect the apples, the less pretty ones were put into the cider press for cider, and the prettier ones we bagged up and took home. We ended up with 2 grocery bags full of apples and 3 containers of cider, it was great!!



Jayce loves apples and kept going after the rotten apples that were all over the ground, so I tried to distract him by giving him his own apple to munch on. It worked, except that he saw everyone picking apples and throwing them into baskets, so he would periodically walk over to one of the baskets and throw his apple in as well. He would then pull it back out, I guess distinguishable by the amount of bites already taken out of it, and then walk over to a different basket to pitch it into.


I could not resist the urge to take cute pictures of a baby trying to eat a huge apple. This was when we first arrived. Unfortunately, I didn’t get more pictures of our friends or the cider-making because it was really cold and my hands were freezing. I couldn’t bring myself to pull the camera back out once I discovered how much warmer my hands were in my pocket.


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