Around Here

We’ve had some busyness around here and lots to document.   Here are a few blips.

1.) We’ve had friends in town this week.  Running around, hanging out, playing, reading, building, talking, and eventually constructing multiple individual forts which cracked me up.

Friends 2Friends 1Friends 3

2.) Norah Jean joined the world (and our street) this week, and I was so happy to be there to get pictures for her mom and dad!  🙂  7 pounds and 1 ounce of sweetness.  She’s 4 weeks early, but just in time and just right.

NorahJean 14NorahJean 4


3.) I got a haircut.  I wanted bangs.  This is the sort of thing that I wanted someone that I trusted to do, so my dear friend (who is also a hair stylist) cut it for me.

Hair 2

We were giggling a lot while she was doing it.  She kept trying to cut my eye lashes and I couldn’t keep my head the right way.


Are you sure you want bangs?  How about I start a little longer?

Did you already straighten your hair?  Well, I’m just going to go ahead and straighten it again.

Look up.

Look up with your head!

What’s happening right here? pulling at a cowlick on my forehead.

Hair 3


No, shorter.

Yes, I still want them shorter.

Don’t cut my eyelashes!

But I love it.


4.) We’ve been sorting through toys, always trying to figure out a better way to store them, organize them, keep them out from underfoot, etc.  We moved the ottoman the other day and Jayce took the opportunity to set up rescue stations in each of the squares of the carpet.

Jtoys 1Jtoys 2

5.) It has been warm here as I said last week.  We spent last weekend working in the yard and cleaning up the plants, and then on Sunday Chris and Jayce washed and cleaned out the cars.

Out 2Out 1

Which meant that, on Monday, spring allergy sickness hit us full force.  We went to the doctor three times last week and had to switch up medicine before everyone was healthy again.

Out 3Out 4

On Monday I have to take Jayce in for an extensive allergy scratch test, which I’m really dreading.  But not as much as I’m dreading a spring and summer without doing something to help him be healthy.  I’m hoping we can get some answers, because at the moment he is on an absurd amount of medication to fight off his current cold and prevent a new one from coming on.

Oh please, let this round of scratch test be worth the stress and tears.  Last year, after pinning Jayce down for 3 trays worth of scratches, the doctor said, “Well, not a single thing showed up as an allergy!  Well, other than the control scratch just to make sure it’s working.  But you’ll need to bring him in again next year so we can do all 7 trays.”

I had never had the urge to punch a doctor before that day.


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  1. My goodness gracious! That is a lot going on. Love the forts, but LOVE the bangs! I think they look great. Literally when I saw the picture before I read the entire post I did not recognize you, what a change! I love them though, even though you were already perfect before. 🙂

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