Around Here: Bath, Hair, World Cup, and Justin Timberlake

I cannot believe that it is already the end of June.  The summer is blowing right by us!  It is a strange thing when your kid gets out of school 2 months later than you are used to kids getting out of school, but we are busy, even without it being technically summer break for anyone just yet.  Here are a few of the things that we’ve been up to…
1.)  Justin Timberlake.
Chelsea and I went to see JT at the O2 arena and it was awesome.  Here are the bullet points:
-When you see JT in concert, whether you are a crazed fan (Chels) or just a standard fan (me), it’s like you are high on JT.  And the next day it is like you are coming down from that high/going through JT withdrawal.  Is this a little dramatic?  Perhaps.  I posted a few pics on Facebook after the show and one friend commented “I saw him this summer and after the show I kept thinking how I would gladly pay double the money to see him again from a better seat.”  Which is basically exactly how we felt.  We spent portions of the next day watching the clips we had recorded on our phone, watching IG movies from other concert-goers with different vantage points, and holding our phones embarrassingly by our ear to listen to the songs as we went about our day.  Consider yourself warned.

-He played the best of his hits, but half of the songs were from his newest album.  So if you’re going to see him on this tour, listen to those songs before you go, or you will be doing that awkward dance where you want to show appreciation for the artist but don’t know the tune.  
-Best surprises: Covers of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature and Bel Biv Devoe’s Poison.  Yeah.

 2.) World Cup.

I’ve always thought that it was really interesting to live in a country that cares about the World Cup when it’s on.  It’s just fun to see how different cultures make a big deal of different things.  We lived in Scotland during the 2006 World Cup, and I remember managers bringing TVs and radios into different businesses so that the employees could watch/find out what was going on during the work day.  I also remember when Italy won, and a group of Italian men running down Princes Street cheering and holding a huge flag of Italy.
Jayce’s school held a little World Cup kick off as well, and each kid was allowed to come to school in their team’s colors.  In true form, I didn’t find out about this until I was putting Jayce to bed the night before, but I managed to pull together red, white, and blue for him, and even the word “soccer.”  I was very pleased and so was he, although he told me later that the USA has “almost never won” and “I go for Brazil because they’ve won loads and loads of times.”  Jayce may be a fair-weather fan, but we got him a Brazil t-shirt and he was delighted.

3.) Bath, England.

Chelsea has been offering regularly to keep the kids for Chris and I to take an overnight trip somewhere for our anniversary.  We took her up on it, and went for a quick trip to Bath.  It was beautiful, relaxing, and bizarre to be away from the kids for 48 hours.  It was a great little trip, I have tons of pictures to share, and still have a little bit of dessert hangover.  

4.) Chelsea.

Chelsea is now in the final stage of her degree, the testing/thesis writing phase.  She kicked things into really high gear in the first part of the year, studied her butt off this spring, and passed all exams, labs, and assignments, which meant that she could start testing athletes and gathering data for her thesis.  She’s working very long days at the moment, 12-14 hours and sometimes a bit more, but whenever she’s around she almost always has her little sidekick.  

5.) USA grand tour.

We leave for the US in exactly 1 month from today, flying to Florida for vacation (and Disney!) and then up to Kentucky and Ohio to see our families.  I’m excited for our trip but nervous about all of the things to be nervous about, least of which is all of the things that we need to do in the next month.  But we’ll get there, and we can’t wait to see everyone.
6.) Hair cut.
We have never cut Hannah’s hair, aside from her bangs.  It’s always been long and sweet, with soft curls that we were afraid might go for good.  But last week we decided it was time.  The bottom was (understandably) dry, it was looking a little too Little House on the Prairie for my tastes, and sometimes she was fighting with it when it would wrap around under her armpit at bedtime. šŸ™‚  
I cut off 3 1/2 inches, and each piece fell immediately into a curl onto the floor, (and I kept some of them.)  The good news is that the curls stayed, it’s so much easier to deal with, and it’s still long enough to go into Anna braids.   

7.) The inability to say no.

Last Tuesday when I posted this top on the blog, I realized that it was the last in a 4 month-long line of sewing/blogging commitments that I had made.  I decided to finally turn to a pile of things that I’ve been wanting to make for Hannah but put off until I had time.  

In the last 6 days, this pile of fabric has turned into 6 different garments for her.  
Also, like clockwork, 4 other projects have rolled in in the past week (not just 1 item, but each project has multiple items), and all need to be finished within the next month.  
Apparently I am glutton for punishment, but I also think I work just fine under pressure.  And it’s the mom-way to overfill our plates, right?  Right.
Happy Monday!