Around Here: Mother’s Day, U of L, Feeling Proud, and Chels

Jayce and me 1

It’s the end of March, how did that happen?  Here is a small smattering of what we’ve been up to.

Hannah Playtime Red 1

I finally finished up this dress for Hannah last week.  It is a version of this dress, which I had planned to make tons of when I bought it, but thus far had only made one, so I finally changed that.  It was originally supposed to be a Christmas dress, then a Valentines Day dress, but eventually decided it would be a U of L Go Cards dress.  In the end, it was too little too late, because the Cards lost to UK last week.  Bleh.Chris+UK 1

But no one was feeling the “bleh” factor more than Chris, who lost a bet to his friend along with this game, and resulted in the above photo, which is now his profile picture on Facebook.  It does make me laugh though.

Jayce park 1

Jayce is leading this crew, taking this part of the obstacle course a little differently than usual.

Last weekend we were at a playground, and when Jayce came over to me telling me that he was bored and wanted to play with some kids, so I gestured towards the playground full of children and suggested that he go ask some kids to play.  He did.  He just went over to a (bigger) kid, asked if he could play, and then they all started playing together.  I was so proud of him that I felt like I was going to explode, and I was so relieved that the kids were nice, and not little brats.  I kind of wanted to send a thank you note home with them to give to their parents.

It is not lost on Chris and I that moving to London has been the hardest on Jayce, and whenever we move somewhere new, with a new school and new people, that it will once again be the hardest on him.  But when things like this happen, it gives me little rays of hope that he can take care of himself.  That he can take charge of his friends, and his fun, and his happiness.  I’m just so proud of him.  

Fam 1

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mothers Day, which I’ll write about more later.  But it was a (near) perfect combination of a busy day venturing out to enjoy the weather, the city, and one another, and a mellow day to rest up, catch up, and hang out.  It was just what I had wanted.  

Chels 1

Chelsea, who insists on posing even though i inform her that I will use these shots, was a huge help yesterday.  She folded laundry, tidied up, made dinner, and then cleaned the kitchen while Chris worked and I cuddled with the kids.  It was the most helpful type of help too, where I didn’t know she was even doing it until I walked into a room and discovered that it was already clean.  She’s awesome.  Chris is going to have to check me right into the depression ward when she leaves, because going from having her here and getting to hang out all the time, to never seeing her, well, it’s going to be a very hard pill to swallow.