Around Here: Singing, Sewing, and Calling Chris Dan

School starts for Jayce on Wednesday, we picked Chelsea up from the airport this morning, Chris has been back at work since the day after we landed and I’ve sewn 3 full garments in the past week to get ready for school.  Even though we are pretending like it is still summer a little bit, it seems like fall and back to school season have finally arrived. 
Now that we’ve been back a few weeks I’m attempting to get back to swing of the every day stuff around here.  But there are a few “right now” stand out moments that need to be recorded.

Maroon Zip Hoodie  Our Family Four 5

1.) Jayce.
About 2 days before we left for our trip I was having a really stressful day and snapped at the kids in that unfortunate but memorable “mom is losing it” sort of way.  That night before bed, Jayce turned to me and asked if I would like for him to rock me in the rocker.  I didn’t really know what I was up for, but I said yes.  We went into my room where the rocker is, he instructed me to sit down on the rocker, handed me his bears and blanket, sat next to the chair and rocked it back and forth, with me in it, and sang me a song that I usually sing him when he’s really tired.  
I was so blown away!!  What a sweet little man we are raising!  Needless to say it really caught me off guard how perceptive and nurturing the whole thing was.  My little buddy. 🙂

Hannah n Chels 2Hannah n Chels 3

2.)  Hannah, or should I say Ham-ah is in full swing these days.
We realized last weekend that Hannah has been calling Chris the wrong name for some indeterminable amount of time, and a few dozen times a day now we’re saying, “Hannah, it’s Dad, not Dan.”  This is funny, obviously.  But it also kind of makes you feel like you’re going crazy sometimes.

Destin me 2

3.) Me.
Within the first 30 minutes of walking into our flat after a month away, I had cleaned the mirrors, stripped the beds and put the bedding in the laundry, and was washing the bathrooms while the kids played.  This is just a little bit of my crazy.  We don’t live in a spotless house by any stretch of the imagination, but I cannot relax if it seems filthy.  Cluttered, sure.  Messy, yeah, that’s inevitable.  But a months worth of dust where we sleep and eat and get clean?  I couldn’t cope very well with that.
But while settling the kids into their routines and getting the house sorted back out, I dove right back into sewing after taking a month off.  I sewed up a few things for Jayce with this month’s Perfect Pattern Parcel, (which I’ll share here next week!) and a few back to school things for Hannah that I am SO STINKING IN LOVE WITH.  More on that soon too.
Destin Chris 14.) Chris.
Chris jumped right back into work the day after we arrived and worked the full week in addition to his marathon training, which included a TWENTY mile run that weekend!  Needless to say, the four of us spent a lot of time napping and re-charging around our flat that weekend.  This weekend we’ll be venturing back out into the city, particularly since Chelsea is back with us and we’re savoring the small amount of days that we all have together.
IMG 5026IMG 5027IMG 5028
5.) Chelsea.
Chelsea arrived this morning after a few long flights and a few sad airport goodbyes, so to cheer her up we surprised her at the airport on this end.  Luckily for her Hannah is sooo good at chasing the blues away, and was just delighted to see her and chatting her ear off.  It was a good reunion.
Happy weekend!!