Around Here: Spring Break and Kid’s Clothes Week

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It’s been spring break around here for Jayce the past few weeks.  He gets a mind-boggling 20 days off for spring break.  Seriously, 20 days.  That is why we’re in school until the 3rd week of July.
This huge break begs the question, “What will we DO with all of this time off?”  Chris and Chelsea still need to work.  But will we go somewhere?  Do something special?  Do nothing?  Do everything?  There are just so many options.
PicMonkey CollageThis year Jayce’s first week of break coincided with Kid’s Clothes Week, which you may remember I am contributing to (because I keep talking about it) so I felt some extra pressure to be involved and crank out some projects that have been on my to do list.  Once I saw it was taking place during Jayce’s spring break, I tried to give myself a little breathing room by pretending like the week before KCW was KCW and doing all of my sewing then.  I didn’t want to spend Jayce’s first week at home with me trying to squeeze productivity into every spare minute and ignoring him in the process.  So that is what I did.  (You can see all of my projects here.)IMG 3067
This worked pretty well, although admittedly I still spent plenty of time taking and editing photos, and writing up the corresponding blog posts.  So, while the “week before” thing did take some of the pressure off, it didn’t take all of it off.  I was also contacted by 2 different designers to pattern test (insert me squealing!) so I still ended up doing some sewing.  But it was all good.
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Despite the busyness I have still managed to have a nice few weeks with Jayce around.Easterfun 3
We’ve had a modest but fun to do list, and several of the items could be as big and grand or small as we want them to be. 

Easterfun 1

 I’ve been able to gauge each day how tired or bored we all are and what would be the best use of our time, energy, and money, and for the most part it’s been going pretty well.  It always surprises me the first few days when Jayce is off, how difficult it is to keep them both happy/entertained/off of each other, but after a few days we all get into a good groove.  We spend some days with friends, some days out, and some days entirely at home.  Even though we don’t have a yard or drive per se, we still make good use of the area around our flat for playing and climbing and running and sidewalk chalking.

Tree climbing 3Tree climbing 2Retro Tunic 1
Retro Tunic 9

Chris and I decided that we wouldn’t go away for any major trips right now because last week we bought tickets to come home this summer for almost a month!  So it was a little bit easier to decide not to go anywhere right now on the heels of anticipating a big trip for the summer.  We can’t wait.