Around Here: THE Shoes, Shrunken Shirts, Visitors, and Cinderella’s Prince Got Named

Saturday 1Tap shoes 1

First up, the princess herself.
Hannah’s ballet class has changed to a ballet/tap combo.  This was her first week in the new format which I assume went well, but I didn’t get any more information than this: We got the shoes.
The shoes have been on ever since and Hannah is proving to be a girl wise beyond her years, spending the weekend shuffling through most all of her wardrobe to see how each item looked with her new shoes.  We also spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen with her toe pointed and tap-tap-tapping on the hard floor.  I have to admit that I’m really getting a kick out of this.   


As for me, all of those promises that I made last week about getting Hannah’s wardrobe re-stuffed with new sized-up dresses just did not happen at all.  I have one dress half sewn, but managing my chest infection plus everyone else’s colds and the freezing weather just zapped me.  Usually once the kids are down Chris and I will watch something together and I am always working on a little something while I’m sitting on the couch, but this week I just sat with my head flopped to the side, sipping on hot tea.  That’s when I know I am sick: When I have the option to multi-task but don’t.  That never happens.  
It took me all week in small doses, but I did manage to take one of Chris’ shrunken sweaters and turn it into this cute little cardigan for Hannah.  Merino wool is so finicky and it’s annoying when it shrinks (sorry Chris!), but I didn’t want to let it go to waste and I’m glad I didn’t because I love this.
James 1
Hannah received some Cinderella Duplo blocks for Christmas and I have to admit, guiltily, that I always call Jayce in to put it together for her.  There are various little setups that can be done and I imagine that, for him, putting Duplo together it must feel a little like playing golf with a beach ball.  A few different times he has said, “Mom if you just follow the instructions you can do it really easily” or “If you look at the pictures on the box then you’ll know where to put the pieces.”  But after he offers this helpful advice he usually just puts it together himself.  The other day while Hannah was asleep he built a little escape airplane for James, (which is what the kids have named Cinderella’s prince) and I loved it.

Avalor 1

 A little bit later he made Cinderella’s tower into Thor’s castle, complete with Loki locked in a dungeon and the tesseract locked in Cinderella’s treasure chest.  Hannah was allowed to take it apart once she got up since these are her legos after all, but he enjoyed it while it lasted.
October Kew 1
There are just a few short weeks until these two partners in crime are re-united.  Chelsea’s graduation is at the beginning of March which she is coming back to London for, along with Mom, Justin, Tasha, and Sonny and his family.  I am so excited to see them, have them here, and start in on the festivities.  I can’t wait.
Happy Monday!