Around Here: Weekends, Parks, and Sewing Stuff

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We’ve had a few weeks of busyness and non-busyness around here.  There are spurts of 4 days in row of activities, then a few days of normal, and then 5 out of 6 days where we need to be somewhere or another.  Chris has been out of town for a few days at the beginning of the past few weeks, and I was sick last month for about 3 weeks with a cold that evolved into infection and just wouldn’t go away.  Chelsea and Chris are training for a marathon, Jayce is in swimming lessons and karate, and Hannah is doing ballet.

I have had a few fun extra items on my plate as well.  I’ve been guest blogging once a week in preparation for Kids Clothes Week, (here are my posts about clothing details and my KCW plans, if you are curious), I’m sewing up another batch of Blues + Branches stock for South Street, and I’m getting things ready for KCW.  Also, I got to go to this last week.    
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Chris was a super husband and watched Hannah so that I could go to this Knitting and Stitching show with a friend.  I was really excited to go, and had to laugh when one day Chelsea was like, “So, I’m not really sure…what exactly are you guys going to do?”
The answer was, shop.
But the full answer is shop for the types of things that I cannot normally find with any sort of convenience.  
I’ve been spoiled in the past to have several options (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn’s, etc) when I needed some variety of fabric/paint/glue “stuff” and there are no multi-purpose craft stores like that anywhere near me.  I get most of my fabric from a wonderful local quilt shop, but what she has is very limited even in terms of fabric.  I was so excited about the opportunity to look around and shop for the types of things that I like and use, with a TON of different options through different vendors, and much of it was available at a steep discount.  Also, the friend that I went with is a very like-minded creative lady who has a little one the same age as Hannah, so we had a great time just being able to finish our sentences and have actual conversations.
Also, we shopped.  That was extremely fun.
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I spent every penny of my allotted amount and did not go over.  We made some of our purchases in a hurry (because some of the best deals were going fast), re-grouped, and then left almost immediately after we emptied our purses.  But we had so much fun doing it and I had an impressive stack of loot that I got for a great price.  So I was happy.  It is perfect timing for a few of those other things that I had mentioned that I have going on, and I’m thrilled.
In the midst of all of our busyness the weekends have been so important.
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The weather has taken a happy turn towards warm, particularly on the past 2 Sundays, and we’ve been loving it.  It has been in the 60s and I forgot just how much sunshine and warm air gives me the “get outside as quick as humanly possible” fever!  We often plan for mellow weekends, but even though a trip to the park can sometimes become quite an ordeal for one reason or another, I’m still insistent that we go.  
There are lots of days throughout the year when we go to play somewhere for a little bit but don’t stay for very long because it’s getting cold, we need to eat, or there is somewhere that we need to be.  So I love when the sun is shining on the weekend and it gives me the chance to just tell the kids “yes” at the park.  Yes we can go back to the swings, yes you can walk on that ledge, yes you can take off your shoes, yes we can get ice cream.  It feels like it makes up for the time that I’m standing nearby telling them how many minutes until we need to leave, that they need to put their coat back on, or that it’s almost time for dinner.  

Ribbet collageplay

In the past 2 weekends we’ve been to 4 different playgrounds and that is making me excited for summer time.  
And there are only 4 months until summer break. 🙂