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A week from today is Jayce’s last day of school, and the next morning we leave for a very long plane ride.  Summer vacation is almost here!

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1.) We found out last week that Hannah got a morning spot in the preschool that we wanted, and we are thrilled about it.  I’m so glad for her (and me) because mornings are when she’s charging around and ready to go, and she’s still napping in the afternoons (and needing that nap), so I was a little stressed about the possibility of us being told that the morning was full and there were only afternoon slots available.  When the letter arrived last week I felt a little like I had just received a golden ticket for Willy Wonka’s or something!  
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This does, of course, have sad and very sentimental implications for me, but we’re not going into that today.  The past few weeks I’ve been really aware that these are our last few weeks of just her and I doing our morning things together, so I’ve been purposeful about not filling our weeks with random errands and trying to do more of the little things that work well for us. 
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2.) Jayce has been fully entrenched in various school activities, as it seems that everything happens in the last few weeks of school.  He sang “Let it Go” with a group of Year 1 students for the school talent show, had his sports day, and got painted like a ghoul at his school picnic.
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Also, Jayce has been making me laugh a lot lately.  The other night he thanked God for electricity when we prayed before bed.  When we turned on Frozen for Hannah he said, “Oh no, now this song is going to be stuck in my head all day!” which we can all relate to.  Along those lines, the other day he was humming something in the kitchen and when I asked him what he was singing,  he told me, “Mom there’s always so many songs in my head all the time.  And sometimes I sing them out loud without even noticing.”  This is hilarious, and scarily, almost word for word a line from the movie About a Boy, which I love so much.
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3.) With the countdown to vacation going, and the warm weather on our side, we’ve been getting in some of our favorite London activities before we head out.  Museums, parks, gardens, ice cream, and of course Bodeans.  
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4.) The impending summer break means something for the 5th member of our household as well, as Chelsea will be headed stateside for a small break as well before she returns to finish compiling her data and write it all up.  What we will do without her (and how Hannah will survive without her main idol) still remains to be seen.  But it has been an awesome 10 months having her here in London, hanging out and watching her thrive, and having her help with the dishes. 🙂
Sorry things have been a little sparse around here, we’ve been trying to tackle the mountain of crazy activity and various to-do’s that has been piling up before our trip.  I know I still need to share pictures from Bath, and I think a long plane ride will give me the perfect opportunity.  
Happy Monday!!