Around Here…For About Two Months or So

I am so far behind on blogging now that every time that I think about trying to catch up, instead I just do something else, which just ensures that I fall further and further behind.

I have to start somewhere, so I will.  Here is an abbreviated list of some of what we’ve been up to.  And the pictures are all iPhone pics, so that should give you just a little further idea of how swamped we’ve been.  Anyway, here’s a little about each of us…

Lecture collage

In October Chris had his inaugural lecture at SMUC.  It went great, and not just the “got us choked up” dedication to me at the beginning. 🙂  It was well-attended, a good introduction to his colleagues of what type of researcher he is, and I was so happy to be able to meet so many of his colleagues.  There was a reception afterwards and I told him later that I felt a little like the princess at the ball, everyone wanting to congratulate him and tell me hello.  My cheeks hurt from smiling all night.  You can see a quick recap and the video here.


Halloween sweets1

Another official SMUC event in October was the delivery of sweets to dad’s class by Hannah.  This was the first year that Hannah went without Jayce but she was not the least bit flustered by it all. (You can see Jayce’s first year of doing this here, when he was 5 months old.)  We did not have an official costume for Hannah yet, so she went in her chef costume from last year, which worked just fine, though the hat was a bit snug.  

The funniest part of this experience was that Chris’ office and classroom are in a large old building, so echoes down the hallway sound rather formidable.  Whenever we heard a door bang shut or some other noise from down the hall, Hannah would freeze, gasp dramatically and then declare, “Ahhhh!  A dragon!!”  You never do know what you’re going to find in these old buildings.

IMG 2077

For Chelsea and I’s birthdays, which are a week apart, we kind of had a combined, 3 weekend long celebration of sorts.  For my birthday Chris and I went to Westfield mall, which is the largest mall in all of Europe and totally incredible, to see a movie, have dinner, and do a little shopping just us two.  The weekend of Chelsea’s birthday we headed in town to the Science Museum, Bennihana for dinner (which Jayce loved), and then Chris went home with the kids and Chelsea and I stuck around for a fashion show and official lights on event on Regent Street. 

IMG 2097

 Leona Lewis, a few Spice Girls, and a few others were performing, and then they had several celebrities switch on the lights, including Phil from Modern Family.  🙂  The first two times didn’t work, which was pretty funny, but once they switched the lights on there was fireworks and lots of accompanying excitement.  It was fun.  It was certainly not something we’d do every year, but it was a cool experience and a good night.

Regent street

The next weekend Chelsea and I got our birthday present, which was a dual trip to a salon in Kew that we have been talking up a storm about.  The owner of the salon trained with the guy who invented the famous Jennifer Anniston “Friends” cut, and is the only person in England who does a “dry carving cut” which is what I received, and Chelsea got the works as far as color treatment.  It was cool.  When Mark was doing my consultation I noticed that  most of the people in there were just kind of watching him.  He was very much a performer, a bit like getting my haircut by Mick Jagger, but I do like it.  Chelsea’s color was awesome and her guy was great, so she is saving her pennies to be able to see him again, and has already declared that any of her friends that come to visit have to go see him.  But really the best part was just the experience of it all, and totally fun to go do with Chelsea. 🙂

MarkW s hair

Last weekend there was a Christmas fair at South Street, which is the shop where I mentioned that I am selling my things, and also is the main reason that I haven’t been able to blog about anything.  It was roughly 3 weeks after my initial launch of the kids things, and after a re-order of giraffes, so I have been cutting, sewing, and gluing up a storm to get ready for it.  It went great and seemed to be a real success.


Along those lines I also finally re-opened my Etsy shop with a small variety of Christmas goodies.  Preparing for the sale at South Street and doing all of the photography, editing and listing that Etsy requires has kept me very busy.

Fabric Christmas Trees 25Stuffed Giraffe 1

Jayce has sprung into Christmas pre-shopping mode, so we decided it was time to start his allowance.  He doesn’t get much, but we thought it was a good way to remind him about the whole “you can’t get everything that you want” prioritizing that everyone needs to know about, particularly before the Christmas toy ads hit the tv.  

He made this list himself one morning before school and taped it up along with a  pencil to check off items as he does them.  (I love how it’s all written.  5 year old phonetics just kills me. 🙂  I added a few to the bottom that aren’t really chores but things to work on, like “getting dressed without crying.”  (Mornings are tough, aren’t they?)

J list

( 1. Helping cook, 2. Putting on shoes, 3. Clean up, 4. Helping the house, 5. Tidying legos, 6. Putting clothes away.)

This seems a little crazy, lots of information in a perhaps-too-long post.  But at least now we are a little bit caught up. 🙂