At the Playground, Ya Know? (And a Walk to Richmond)

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Richmondwalk 19Anyway, I’ve said before how quickly we slipped into a new normal around here, and one of those ways is the half a dozen trips we have made to this wonderful playground in Richmond.  It’s just across the bridge from all of the shops and food, so it is a perfect way to appease the littles, and the husband, before or after a little shopping trip.
We typically take a quick bus to Richmond, but a few weeks ago a friend mentioned that there is a really beautiful walk that you can take along the Thames that leads you straight over to the park. So we were on it.  
Richmondwalk 3It was just before the leaves started to change, and it was totally beautiful.
Richmondwalk 5Richmondwalk 1There was a similar, slightly less wooded area across the river, and both sides were packed with people on their bikes, families, runners and lots of babies in strollers.
Richmondwalk 7Richmondwalk 6Richmondwalk 8At one point we passed a private estate with a (locked) ornate gate leading directly to the path and the water.  Chris pointed it out to me, and mentioned that he bet there was a pretty expensive house on the other side of the gate.  A woman passing by who heard his comment stopped to inform us that it was for sale a few years ago for 8 million pounds.  And that Brad Pitt had looked at it, but apparently it was too small for him, which she scoffed at, and then kept moving with her dog.  
Richmondwalk 9The weeping willows shaded us from the condos and houses on the other side of the trail.  Not that it mattered because those condos are stunning and only add to the view.  But so did the trees.  Eventually the path veered left and we arrived at one of our favorite parks.
Richmondwalk 11Richmondwalk 15Richmondwalk 18Richmondwalk 17We played and played, and eventually made our way over and across the bridge to run our errands.
Richmondwalk 23Richmondwalk 24Richmondwalk 25I’ve mentioned before that almost as soon as we moved here we decided that we’d like to move to another area, not because we dislike our current place, but because we love another one. Richmond is usually the area we’ve had in mind, if we can find a way to afford it.  Maybe you can see why?

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  1. Wow, beautiful photos. What better way to tire the kiddos out than take them for the walk before and after the park!

    Stopping by from Miscellany Monday linkup.

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