Autumn and Firemen

Well, autumn has finally arrived around here.  Actually it has for the past few weeks.  The leaves outside the flat and all along the roads are yellow and orange, and some are still holding onto their green since it has been so wet and chilly.  Hopefully they’ll still turn a nice bright color.

Autumn 1This time of year has me missing some of the traditions of home and of Lincoln.  Several people have pointed out to me that Halloween isn’t celebrated as much here as it is in the states.  One person said to me, “That’s your biggest holiday in America, right?  Halloween?”  No, it’s like 5th or 6th on the list, right?  Just a dumb fun one.

But it made me realize that it’s not actually the “Halloween Stuff” that I miss so much, aside from Halloween pjs.  I’m not big on decking my house out in Halloween decorations, baking spooky little treats or anything like that, but it’s the small fall rituals that we have had as a family that I miss.  Going to the pumpkin patch, hay rides, carmel apples, fall festivals, apple picking and fresh hot apple cider, those are the things I love.  There are a few pumpkin farms around England where we could do these things, but without a car the closest one is 3 1/2 hours away, so we’ll be skipping it this year.

Fireman 3But even though Halloween isn’t emphasized as much as it is in the states, it’s still a holiday we’ll be celebrating.  And Jayce wanted to dress up as, what else?  A Fireman!  Better yet, Fireman Sam!!  His costume arrived last weekend, and it was just in time, because we’ve had so many fires in our flat ever since then.  Luckily he’s always on the job.

Fireman 1He showed off his new costume last weekend to his cousin Hadley and Grandma Debbie on Skype, and we’ll be headed out tomorrow.  Despite everyone assuring me that Halloween isn’t celebrated very much here, everyone is having Halloween parties, so we’ll have our pick.  There will obviously be pictures after that as well.  

Screen shot 2012 10 21 at 6 43 25 PMHappy almost Halloween!