Baby #4, it’s a…

So I made Hannah this beautiful skirt a few weeks ago, which I posted the details on here.  She was feeling particularly pose-y that day.

Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 3

While I had the camera out to get photos, I took the opportunity to show her something else as well.

Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 5

Are you curious about the gender of baby Keith #4?

Click on the “read more” button below…

Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 12

It’s a GIRL!


I can assure you that no one is more excited than the big sister!

And just in case you wanted a brief play by play…

Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 5Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 6Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 7Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 8

Oh man.  Two girls.  What have we gotten ourselves into?

Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 17

**For the sake of full disclosure, I have to say that this is not the moment that Hannah found out that she was having a baby sister.  She has known for a few weeks, as have we.**

But this.  This is the moment when she found out that her baby sister would have a tiny dress that matched her new skirt.  Which I think we can all agree is a pretty big moment for a big sister. 🙂

Lotta Skirt by Erin Always for Imagine Gnats 13

 And sewing up a tiny dress for baby sister, alongside a skirt for the big sister?  Well that was pretty fun moment for me. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Baby #4, it’s a…

    1. Thank you! I have to admit that I was excited about that same trio. <3 And these photos just kill me. 🙂

  1. Adorable! Another girl- hooray! Sisters have a special bond- and sewing matching sister stuff- the best! So excited for you!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I’m so excited for their bond, almost 6 years between them so I know the little one will just adore Hannah! And I’m not really into super match-y stuff, but every one in a while seems totally okay. Especially when the big girl fabric has just enough to make a little girl something. 🙂

  2. Her adorable little face when she’s looking at that dress! That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen! And the skirt and dress are precious.

    1. I know, I couldn’t stop laughing when I was looking back through the pictures! Chris thought she was crying! 🙂

  3. Absolutely the sweetest! Can’t wait to see your little bitty girl in that dress, ah! I’m sure you feel the same way too, haha 😉

  4. So excited for Hannah and you all. It makes me happy to following you and your family. I have so much admiration for what you have accomplished as a young women and as a mother. Your right about your baby girl looking up to big sister. I have always admired my big sister and I know you and Chelsea are best friends.

  5. Congratulations to you Erin and your family. Such sweet sentimental photos. I remember an Instagram post of yours not to long ago with lots of gorgeous handmades for Hannah that are now to small, yay for soon to be baby sister to be the lucky recipient 💖

  6. Oh my gosh!! I may or may not have teared up the tiniest little bit reading this! Congrats to you (and big sister Hannah) on the new baby girl!!

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