Baby Clothes for Michael

New Mom Gift Baby Set 30 copyThe first time that I ever sewed clothing from scratch was for Hannah when she was about 18 months old.  I made her a dress, it was a success, and then I proceeded to make hundreds of dresses!!  Seriously, her second and third years of life were full of so many dresses and tunics as I realized that a little bit of fabric could go a long way.  Especially on her tiny little frame.

New Mom Gift Baby Set 1But Michael is a different story.  This is the first time that I have ever sewn something for my own tiny little baby, and I’ve been haven some fun.  First off, a little bit of fabric can go such a long way when you are sewing for a tiny little peanut.  SUCH a long way!  

New Mom Gift Baby Set 6I made Michael several different items of clothing before he was born, but no comfy knitwear since I didn’t know how big he would be and I didn’t want any handmaids to go to waste.  (Also, the amount of energy that I had at the end of the pregnancy weighed in heavily in this decision as well.)  So these four items were the first! 🙂

New Mom Gift Baby Set 36I shared all of the fabric, patterns, and lots more pictures over at Imagine Gnats here, so take look and let me know what you think about my little guy in his first modeling gig!  🙂

PS-OMG his tongue!  That little monkey. 🙂