Baby Fun Facts

I’m so happy and relieved to finally be able to talk about Baby #2! I’m 14 weeks along, so we have known for a little bit now, but haven’t been saying much about it to anyone.

I have a jumble of information that I could share, as you do after sitting on a fun secret like this for over 2 months, so I think I’ll turn to the numbered list as a means of organization.

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1.) Here is our little darling at 8 weeks along, our first sonogram. The sonogram lady said, “Look you can see his little arm and leg buds. He looks like a little teddy graham!” I loved this comment. A teddy graham seems more charming than the shrimp-type of comparisons that normally come with a baby at this stage.


2.) Here is Jayce at our first sonogram with him. I was 13 weeks along at the time, slightly further than I had thought. It’s so crazy to me that in just over a month little babies go from looking like sweet little teddy grahams to looking like sweet little babies! Jayce was wiggling like crazy and we could even see his fingers and toes already. Amazing.


3.) Our due date is June 14, a summer baby! Yay for not having to take the baby out during flu season, but boo for being heavily pregnant during the hottest time of the year. Oh well, I’ll take it.

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4.) We waited to tell most of our family members until we saw them in person, which was when I was 9 and 10 weeks along. In Scotland we spread all of our news on the phone and online, so it was nice to be able to tell people and see their faces. Like with these 3 below.


5.) I had been dying to tell my mom and sister, mostly because I felt like I was lying to them every time that I talked to them.

Mom: “So, how have you been doing?”

Me, in my head: “Sick. Really sick. And tired. But good.” But out loud I said: “Good. Busy, but fine.”

Chelsea: “You never write on your family blog anymore! I check it every day and...(etc, etc, guilt trip.)”

Me, in my head: “I will kill you for this later Chelsea.” But instead I said, “I know. I’ve been meaning to, but I’ve been really busy, and kind of tired.”


6.) Jayce has been a little gem for the most part. We told him about the baby, but we don’t really talk about it a lot yet. The other day he surprised me though. He had just said something about Mom, Dad, Jayce and the baby, and he came over to me and said, “I love baby.” I asked Chris if he had talked to him about how we love the baby or told him to say that and he hadn’t. He’s a little sweetie and I can’t wait to see him as a big brother.


7.) I had thought that I was being very coy and slick by keeping myself dressed in loose and draped clothing, scarves and sweaters. However, around 8 weeks one of my friends started having people at church ask her EVERY WEEK if I was expecting, because, as they would say, “She normally is just so slim and I’ve noticed that now she has a bit of a bulge.” Geez people!! Leave a girl and her “bulge” alone! That said, it is a relief now to not feel like I constantly need to be dressing in the loosest clothing that I can find, especially when it’s so cold and I really want something that’s a little more snuggly and warm.


8.) Will we find out the gender? Yes.

With Jayce we didn’t find out until we were 32 weeks along, and we had both been thinking that it was a girl all along. When the sonogram lady said “boy” we were both kind of stunned, and it took a few days to wrap our heads around it and bond with the idea of having a little boy. Chris and I realized that since we both have little sisters, we had been thinking all along, “Yeah, it’s a little girl, we know how to handle girls,” but we didn’t know much about boys. I spent the next few weeks talking to my friends who had little boys trying to get mentally prepared, and we were ready. It was a fun part of prepping for the baby I think, and we’ll do it again, though thank goodness we’ll find out sooner this time.

Additionally, and this is a minor point, I’m looking forward to planning a nursery since I didn’t really get to do that with Jayce, and I want to know ahead of time which direction to go with the colors.


You’ll be hearing lots more about our new little one, but I think that’s all for now, otherwise I might never publish this post. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Baby Fun Facts

  1. Oh, how I love this post! I love everything about people having babies! I am SO excited for you, Chris, & Jayce.

    First of all, the big brother pic is amazing. Perfect.
    Another thing is I love the teddy graham thing, love it.
    Also, that is hilarious that they were talking about your "bulge". What if you were a girl who really had just put on a little weight? Ha. People are funny.
    I am probably crazy but I am pretty convinced already that you are having a girl. : ) Can't wait to hear! Will it be February when you find out???

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