Baby’s First Christmas Comparing

Hfirstchristmas 6Hfirstchristmas 3

I was so pleased when I washed Jayce’s Baby’s First Christmas onesie and discovered that it will fit Hannah. He was 7 months old and she is only 6, but it works just fine for a little Christmas photo comparing.

STP63793dHfirstchristmas 4d
These pictures make me laugh. This was the last straw with our old camera, when my harassing Chris for a new camera reached new heights. The pictures with the flash were dreadful (below), and without the flash were super blurry (above). I remember thinking how much I would have loved the above picture of Jayce if only it were clear. Sigh.

STP63799 JPG 1Hfirstchristmas 1

Aside from that, I just love my two little Santa babies, with their round eyes and chubby cheeks. Jayce was almost sitting at this point, which is why he is surrounded by pillows. Hannah isn’t so steady yet, which is why she is in the Bumbo seat.

STP63797Hfirstchristmas 2

I had to laugh when I looked through my pictures and discovered that both children gave me a flailing arms, punking me out picture. But I guess it is the age for that.

I also can’t help but look around the rest of the room at what is different. When we took Jayce’s picture, we had only been living here for four months. So other than the tree, Santa hat and baby onesie, everything else is different. New coffee table, tv, tv stand, curtains, wall color, even the tree skirt is different. And those two babies couldn’t be more different.

Hfirstchristmas 5

So different but both so sweet.

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