Back to School Sewing: A Charlie Dress and A Blake Dress

**Hello!!  I am so glad to be blogging again after a much longer than planned hiatus!  I’ve been busy with lots of new things that I am so excited to share now that my kids are in school and I have a few minutes a few days a week to myself. 🙂  In my time away I’ve done an overhaul of the old blog, switched the name and domain, and all of that good stuff.  If you want to keep up to date on what we are up to (building our house, settling into new schools, maternity/kids/baby sewing, and just us, you can follow me on Bloglovin’ here or instagram here.  Thanks!!**

Blake Dress 7Charlie Dress 8

Back in the spring I made these two darling dresses for Hannah.  We love them.  They are in constant rotation, particularly the blue one on the left, but they were never photographed and never blogged because of the “blog screeching to a halt” combination of a first trimester+international move.  But I couldn’t not blog about them.

Blake Dress 16Blake Dress 6

The fabric is too pretty, the patterns are too fantastic, and we love them a lot.  But we’ll just go ahead and address the elephant in the room…even though I made these within the last 6 months they are already almost too short for Hannah.

Blake Dress 5

I have said it before, but one of the reasons that I initially enjoyed sewing for Hannah was that she has always been an extremely tiny little peanut, but sewing allowed me to make things that fit her just right and just as she was.  I regularly bought dress patterns, made the tunic length, and she wore them as dresses.  She has never worn the size that corresponds with her actual age (you may remember my mini-breakdown over making her the cutest (6-12 month sized) shorts when she was almost 2.)  All of the dresses that I made for her the first spring that I started sewing still fit her the next year, but as tunics.  I could get a good 2 years out of a good dress.  But now, all of the sudden, there are these legs!!

I mean, come oooon!!

Blake Dress 10Blake Dress 2

She turned 4 in June and I was really caught off guard when we were shopping for summer clothes and she was already wearing a size 4 in ready to wear clothing.  She has never worn the size that corresponds with her age at the time.  That is new territory for us.  But enough of the panicky mom rant.  I can deal with this and I’ll just make sure that I have hemlines that are ready to cooperate as we move forward. 🙂

Blake Dress 13Blake Dress 12

The beautiful blue dress is also known as the Blake Dress by Mingo and Grace which I got from the Upcraft Club.  It is so fantastic and seemed to take the girls sewing world by storm this past year.

Blake Dress 14Blake Dress 11

It’s so good.  Big soft pleats make for extra girlyness and flounce and Hannah always wanted to be wearing it, even when she was being extra hilarious by putting  her hand in front of the camera. 🙂

Blake Dress 4Up next is this other beauty.

Charlie Dress 4This sweet pattern is the Charlie Dress, also by Mingo and Grace, and also from the Upcraft Club.

Charlie Dress 3Charlie Dress 1 4

I love modern prints, and I love stripes, and I Iove mixing the two, so this was meant to be.

Charlie Dress 9

It’s got that great A-line shape and with a gathered skirt that makes you want to spin and run!

Charlie Dress 2Charlie Dress 10

Yep, she has to rock some shorts under this dress for now.  Luckily I have some extra length tucked away in that hemline so I can take it down and get a little extra length for this one.  It’s just…unpicking and re-hemming a dress that she’s been wearing all summer…sigh.  You may find that people who like to make clothes are the least likely to do the sort of sewing that you would have a tailor do.  I would rather make a new dress than repair a ripped buttonhole, or open seam, or for crying out loud re-do hems.  Guuuuuhhhhhhh!!!  It really tells me something about how I enjoy the creative process of sewing, and not the actual sewing itself.  Funny.

Anyway, before we left the park the other day Hannah grabbed my camera to take a picture of me, as my kids have started more and more these days. I reciprocated by taking a picture of her taking a picture of me…taking a picture of her…you get the idea.  But even though I have a very small panic attack when I hand my heavy camera over to one of my kids, I can totally appreciate them wanting to try something that they see me do all of the time.  Jayce is actually pretty good at it.  Arguably better than Chris.

IMG 0645Blake Dress 18And that is that.  Mingo and Grace just released another pattern this crop top set, and I am currently sewing it up now.  Farrah, the designer, is a total rock star and has just the best taste. Can’t wait to share it asap.