Ballpark Bubble Time

Mom and Chelsea came to visit last week, and unlike previous trips where I have put them to work the minute they walk in the door, all that we really had “planned” for this trip was for us to all hang out, and for them to get to spend some quality time with Jayce.  I hadn’t seen Chelsea since Christmas and she hasn’t been to our house in 1 1/2 years, so we had plenty of catching up and hanging out to do, and Jayce was thrilled to have 2 other full time playmates throughout the day.

One of the “leisurely” things we were able to do was head over to Chris’ softball game one afternoon to watch some of the fun.  Normally this is a huge deal to Jayce, who brings his own ball and bat, and hits them golf ball style the whole time, yelling “three, two, three, GO!!” as he hits.  But on this trip he found some new very exciting entertainment, Chelsea’s bubble gum.  Which repeatedly produced this kind of open mouthed, wrinkled nosed hilarity!


Jayce would purse his lips in support of Chelsea’s bubble blowing efforts,


and then burst into laughter as soon as the bubble popped.


You’ve got to love how easy it is to please little kids sometimes.


And how easy it is to appease a mom with a camera at an opportune time.

She kept trying to get Jayce to pop the bubble, but he only wanted to be a spectator.  He did eventually take Mom’s hand and pop the bubble with that.


Which she then did back to him in return.



We had a great time at the game.  So much fun, in fact, that we missed Chris’ home run hit.  Whoops.


And I’m cracking up over this picture.  That expression, that belly, love this kid.

More soon!




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